What Better A Time To Take A Picture Then (Than?) When She is Frozen With Fear…

OK, so using the web link http://grammartips.homestead.com/than.html I am still unable to determine if I should be using “Then” or “Than” in the title…  Is the use an article or a time?  Be that as it may…

Marcy went out with Maude, Sarah and William for a walk this evening and I was able to get these great pictures!

Thing is, looks are deceiving:

Just prior to these pictures being taken, Marcy got her line hung up on some rocks.  If you live anywhere within the 85331 zip code, and heard a high-pitched shriek at around 5:30 pm, that was Marcy.

Though she has significantly relaxed, and even just last night, crawled into my lap when I was on the floor playing with the other kids (day 32 in captivity), she still goes in to blind panics when restrained, even by a 15 foot line.  We still can’t approach her, other than the hallway by the back door, without her running.

Back to the pics.  When I got her loose from the rocks, she ran to a little grass filled cubby under a low hanging tree.   She was too afraid for me to pull her out, so I just sat and talked to her.  In the first pic, she was still vocalizing and trembling, but hey, it was a great shot, so I took it!

Cute as a bug in a rug, but note the harness:  She has gotten one leg out.
Cute as a bug in a rug, but note the harness: She has gotten one leg out.

In the second pic, she was quieted down.  Note the ears – she noticed the other dogs were getting farther away.    That was enough to get her to come out of the nook on her own.

The other dogs moving away peaked her interest.
The other dogs moving away piqued her interest.

Something else to note:  Look close at the pictures.  Marcy is in a harness.  But look at the right side.  She got her leg out.  When she was calm enough to gently reel in, about 10 minutes later, though her leg was kind of hard to get back behind the strap already, I tightened the harness to what I believed to be a little too tight.  Guess what happened when we got back to the Jeep?  At reel-in to pick her up, she freaked and the very same leg came out.  She is a nimble one!  Note to any potential home:  She may be able to get out of a harness if she really wants to, ergo, you must be ever vigilant!

Marcy did, overall, have fun,  though not as much as when she was out with The Idiot Group last weekend.  She got to roll in the grass, eat said grass, and explore, so no worries that the entire trip was torture on her.

There was a bit of an epiphany on the road walking back to the Waggin’ Wagon as well:   Marcy was interested in where the other dogs were, but she was sticking “close” to me.  Where the others would wander a little too and fro, Marcy stayed precicely 3 feet behind my person, at least until I made a move to pick her up – then she freaked.

For the record:  Girls are indeed more empathetic than boys.  When Marcy got hung on the rocks and the shrieking began, both Maude and Sarah went to her aid.  Willy, on the other hand, simply looked over his shoulder at her, then proceeded on his merry way.   Men just don’t get it!



9 thoughts on “What Better A Time To Take A Picture Then (Than?) When She is Frozen With Fear…

    1. She’s like an imprinted baby quail. She will follow at my heels, but if I turn toward her, she backs off equidistant to the measure I move toward her. I would have thunk by now she would have been over it. She’s going to be hard to place if she’s an untouchable…

  1. Perhaps it’s Karma – did she show any sympathy when William had the “accident” with his teeth? It could be a William payback. I would have used the word “than” – but then, I’m no expert.

    1. In her defense, Marcy was still wearing her Bush Baby eyes when William got hurt. Still too freaked out over the entire life change. Also, Marcy was sick one nite last week. Willy didn’t show sympathy then either – I would think they would have been square by today’s episode. Willy is a “me” dog anyway. All dogs, humans and imaginary friends exist only to be in his service. I wouldn’t expect sympathy from him if I ever needed it. He’s pretty lucky I love unconditionally for some of the things he does and ways he acts – then again, those eyes…

      I was thinking “than” too, but I am too (to, two) tired to reason of late, ergo looking it up.

  2. “Then” is a point in time. “ThAn” is what you use to compare this over thAt 🙂
    LOL I love how the guy dog didn’t care, but the girl dogs came to her rescue!!

    1. I need to post a whole heaping more grammatical quandries! I swear the than/then issue has gotten me more comments than the dogs have! Perhaps I will delve into which witch is which next time!

      It’s a gender thing… females of all species have innate empathy. Males just want to come home from work and watch TV in their underwear.

  3. Love the pics! So adorable! 🙂 As for the grammar, the proper one to use is “than” in this case because you are comparing one situation (frozen) to another situation (not frozen for pics) LOL! Use “then” for when you are talking about a moment in time (ex. in the past or future) like “Back then I was too young to understand…” or for a future ex. “I climbed the front stairs and then proceeded to open the door…”. There are other explanations and uses but I hope this helps 🙂

    1. I was leaning toward ‘than’, then I started to overthink it 🙂

      Don’t tell anyone the first go around in higher education I was an english major…

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