Trauma at Run A Muck Ranch

So, I come home from work on Wednesday and let the kids out.  I noticed immediately that William was not with the rest of the pack.  I check the office and garage, the 2 rooms that he could have gotten stuck in before they were secured in the morning.  Not there.

I have a tendency to freak first and ask for forgiveness later, so I began searching everywhere, for what I thought would be Sweet William’s body.   I did eventually find him, cowering and trembling under a coffee table, between the loveseat and the wall.

Willy jumped up on the bed when Crabby was playing with the others!

Willy has had some pretty rough nightmares in the past.  I assumed this was the after effect of one of them.  And after I coaxed him out from under the table, he seemed shaken, but otherwise fine…  though I did notice a small mark on one side of his snout.

I took Willy outside and began K9 dinner preparations.  Willy is with the first group that eats.  He wasn’t interested in his dinner.   Willy ALWAYS eats.  Hear those alarm bells?

After getting the other dogs fed and outside, I put on my readers (my aged eyes, they do let me down sometimes), took Willy to a place of bright light, and commenced a thorough exam.  This is what I found:

A break, a vertical shear of an upper canine.  The ‘mark’ on his snout appeared to be a puncture that went all the way through to the inside of his mouth.   WIlly was extremely subdued.

Begin Freak Out of Crazy Dog Lady.

We immediately went to the vet.  Not only was there the puncture wound and broken canine, but damage along the gum and yet another tooth, a molar, sheared horizontally.



WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?!?!?!?!  Willy was fine when we left for work.  None of our kids are left outside when we’re not home, and we don’t have a dog door.

Willy is part of the Living Room dogs.  He does not rough house.  He may shadow wrestle, but never have we seen him get down and rolly like the others.  Only Maude and Morty were with him.   There was no damage to the house.  There was no damage to either Maude or Morty.  There were no indications of blood other than a single very small spot on the couch cover.

The nearest the vet could conjecture, given the way the injuries appeared, something large could have impaled him through the lip, sheared off the side of the canine, and came to rest at the corner of his mouth, after decapitating the molar.

Crabby and I both searched the living room, kitchen, hallway and every available space Willy had access to.  We found nothing he could have impaled himself on.

Again, with more angst:  WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED!!!!

Needless to say, Willy returned to the vet the next day for extraction of the 2 broken teeth as well the roots of yet a 3rd broken tooth, where the entire top was sheared off, that she found when he was on the OR table.




This is where the Trauma described in the title comes in:

I dropped him off.   Willy has never been away from home, other than walks,  since he came to live with us.  He has certainly never been left with strangers before!

The vet tech did not immediately take Willy to the back, as is usually the case when a dog is left for treatment.  Nope, she remained seated, with Willy, in the reception area, causing me to have to walk away from him.

I looked back 3 times as I left my boy behind:

The first time, Willy had stood up wondering where I was going.

The second time, his beautiful black eyes were looking at me, three times their normal size.

The third time, his lower jaw had dropped ever so slightly.  That was the point I started crying.

Willy’s injuries must have been rough, and I’m sure they hurt, but I can assure you, they will not haunt him for the rest of his life like the image burned in my brain:  Willy, looking at me with beautiful black eyes, big as saucers, confusion on his face, followed by the lower jaw, dropping ever so slightly, wondering my his Mom is abandoning him to strangers.  Even though he is safe at home, sitting at my feet, getting random scritches, all I can see is that face…

Willy is on Happy Drugs, eating only Mommy’s Special Get Better food. He goes in for a recheck in a couple of days.

We’re having a pretty hard time wrapping our minds around the fact that we don’t know what happened to Willy.   We are still proposing theories, but with each new hypothesis comes multiple reasons why it just isn’t possible.  We may never get to the bottom of it.

Needless to say, The Crazy Dog Lady has become paranoid about leaving any of the kids home alone.

9 thoughts on “Trauma at Run A Muck Ranch

  1. How bizarre! No wonder you’re paranoid about leaving them now, I would be too. Glad to hear he’s on the mend though.

    I totally get your tears at leaving him at the vets. Bertie has true separation anxiety and when I had to leave him for his castration we were both distraught (they gave him a sedative – wish they’d given me one too LOL!).

    Bertie sends him a doggie get well soon lick x

    1. Chances are Willy wasn’t as upset as I was, but THAT FACE! I Still can’t get it out of my head. Willy on the other hand, has probably forgotten all about it.

      Many years ago I came home and found my fuzzy Zhonna dead on the bedroom floor. We had him autopsied and found out his heart had ruptured. There was nothing anyone could have done if we were home, but still, to this day, I get ansty if I am away too long. Now with this, I am even antsyer..

  2. Poor William what a frightening thing to happen, and the mystery makes it all the more concerning. Totally understand the “Freaking out” I walk, talk, drive and function without glasses – long sighted – can’t read a thing without them :o) Hope you are Both recovering…

    1. Willy is doing much better, Thank You!. We are to the point we are convincing ourselves that he got hurt the night before, but didn’t start to ‘hurt’ until sometime during the next day. I don’t remember him being loose when the horses were out, but we can’t come up with any other logical reason for his injuries.

    1. Vet found a tooth that had possibly broken back when Willy was in the ME. Rather than pull it, it appears it was filed down, leaving the roots with the pulp exposed. The only reason the vet caught it was that Willy was under anesthesia and his mouth was wide open. She said anyone would have thought it was just a missing tooth during a ‘regular’ mouth exam. He had been under for too long by the time she found it, so she couldn’t dig it out. Willy has to go back next month to get that one taken care of.

      Thing is, it could be that some of Willy’s moody problems are due to that particular issue. I know I am not too pleasant when I have a tooth problem.

      Maybe the best thing that could have happened to Willy was whatever freak accident happened that put him in the vet getting the other teeth pulled…

      1. In the event it happened the night before Willy told me he was hurt, and the ‘incident’ involved the horses, I put in a whole heaping of extra work doing extra jobs and, as of today, the arena is dog proofed. So, Willy’s ‘incident’ got his older tooth problem identified AND got us to finally get the arena buttoned down. So 2 good things came of it!

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