Run A Muck Ranch News Bulletin 2/28/13

Mortimer, Angus and Gracie Stripped of Favorite Dog Status

by Crazy Dog Lady

In the case of Mortimer, he not once, not twice, but thrice in a row, went on sleep away or all day trips with The Crabby Man, and, upon his return to Run A Muck Ranch, did with intent and malice, completely ignore The Crazy Dog Lady.  Not so much as a “Hi Mom!”.

Not only is Mortimer off the Crazy Dog Lady’s Favorite Dog List, Crazy will forever refrain from doing all the Mommy things she had previously been doing for him – FOREVER!  or at least until Morty shows the proper affections by loving her more than Crabby.


In an unrelated event, Angus and Gracie escaped the yard on Saturday morning.  Confusing said day as one of their rental dog days, Crabby assumed Crazy had taken them to ‘work’, and took the beloved Slugger and the now shunned Mortimer on a long hiking trip.

Crazy received a call from a kind stranger who took in the adventuring Angus and Gracie.   Absent Crabby’s presence at home, Crazy had to leave work, mid property, to retrieve the wandering pair.

SnapShot(6) SnapShot(5)

Because of the distance between the work sites and home, Crazy did not see the logic in returning to work and therefore, shut down for the day.  This then caused her to have to work Sunday, her one and only, if possible, day off.  Because of this, Crazy couldn’t participate in Sunday Family Desert Walk and was unable to sleep until almost daylight.

Where Mortimer is PERMANENTLY off the Favorite Dog List, Angus and Gracie will be returned to their status of Favorite Dogs after their punishments have been endured.  Said punishments being as follows:  1) Angus did not go with Maude and Sarah on Maude’s mandatory dog walk the day of the escape;  2) Neither Angus nor Gracie accompanied Crabby and their siblings on Sunday walk; and 3) Neither Angus nor Gracie will visit with their Grandma Marilyn for the day on Monday.

The escape point in the yard has been located and sealed.

Run A Muck Ranch Crowns it’s Drama Queen

While jumping up on the people bed, Willy missed.  This caused him to fall back down on the floor.  Though the landing was really not that harsh, William proceeded to jump back on the bed and commence an orchestra of screams, yelps, growls, yowls and howls, all done while every hair on his body was stuck out as if he had a bad case of static.   Once he ‘calmed down’, he then left the bed and went to sulk on his favorite couch.

A quick check over revealed no injury whatsoever.


Hands down, Sir William Achmed is Run A Muck Ranch’s first and only Drama Queen in the purest sense of the word.

Slugger Causes Emergency Evacuation of

Waggin’ Wagon While on A Man Outing.

On the way home from accompanying Crabby, Morty and a few of Crabby’s male human friends on an all day outing in the desert, an emission from Slugger caused an emergency pull over of the Waggin’ Wagon, and the immediate evacuation of all riders, including Mortimer.

This is where the fuel (the dead fish) was added to the fire (Slugger's GI tract).
This is where the fuel (the dead fish) was added to the fire (Slugger’s GI tract).

To help understand the severity of the event, please keep in mind the riders were 1 middle-aged man, 2 cusp of middle-aged men and a dog that survived for a long time eating dead things.   The changes in a man’s GI tract as he ages are well-known and it can be assumed that the carrion that Mortimer used to consume had to be pretty stenchy, and yet, none could endure the vapors that came from the completely oblivious Slugger.

Even Morty needed air (Photo by Troy Dixon).
Even Morty needed air (Photo by Troy Dixon).

When asked to describe the event, one of the human riders, unfamiliar with Slugger, erupted into tears.

A dead fish found and consumed on the trail was believed to be the bullet that loaded the Slugger gun.

Lemur Dog Learning Domestic Life at Run A Muck Ranch

In answer to a call for help, Run A Muck Ranch has stepped up.  The organization (Save Our Strays – Phoenix) needed a foster home for one of it’s strays.  Dogs are dumped in the area in which they work on a regular basis, and few ‘owned’ dogs, let alone the strays are altered.

Enter The Lemur Dog, She Who Was Raised by Wolves, The Wild Child.

Marcy was believed to have been a member of a litter born 3-4 months ago.   This belief was more than likely based on her size.  Turns out, Miss Marcy is actually around 8 months old and has never been touched by human hands.

Let’s take a break now so that you can join Crabby and Crazy as they sing the “Happy Happy Joy Joy” song….

Never before has an absolute feral dog darkened the doorway of Run A Muck Ranch.

Marcy is to be rehomed, but finding the right home may prove problematic.  She probably has never been mistreated by humans.   Her ‘apprehensions’ are more based on the fact that she never had any need for humans in her life.  As a result, the ‘desire to please’ trait of domestic dogs is non-existent in Marcy, at least at this point.

Since it was Marcy’s choice not to mingle with humans, it has to be her choice to decide to want to live with them.  This being the tricky part in rehoming:  People want a dog they can pet.  Marcy doesn’t see the need.  Dogs need incentive to want to be trained.  According to Marcy, there is nothing humans can give her that she feels she needs.

It isn’t that Marcy can’t be domesticated.  The problem is finding a home that, rather than force her to comply, will allow Marcy to figure out on her own that it is better to live in a house rather than under it.  And it is better to be deliberately fed rather than scrounge meals from trash.

There is a way cool, fun little dog in Marcy just waiting to come out.  Question is, who will allow her to do it at her own pace?

Marcy will have her own category on this blog for her rescue to refer potential homes to.  Her progress will be documented there.

Please excuse the glaring spelling error in the video.  It should be procedure, not proceedure!

The video doesn’t give you a clear view of Marcy.  More pictures will follow.  Know this:  She is freaking ADORABLE!  Even as a Wild Child.

Brothers Seeking A Home

Highly Recommended By the Humans

of Run A Muck Ranch

In a rare “WOW!” moment at the Anthem Adoptathon in February, where Run A Munchies held its first public appearance, Crabby fell instantly in love with Lucky of Team Lucky and Patches in the following video:

In a freaky odd turn of events, prior to knowing the situation of this pair, Crazy thought Patches was kind of special.

Had it not been for Crazy secretly telling her contact at Foothills Animal Rescue that if Crabby showed up asking to foster or adopt, to swat him on the nose with a rolled up newspaper and say “NO!”, it is highly possible the cast of Run A Muck Ranch would have grown by 2 that day.

If you are local, and happen to be looking to expand your family, trust Crabby and Crazy on this:  You MUST meet these boys!

Here is a little extra incentive:  The humans at Run A Muck Ranch are so enamoured by these brothers, a special dispensation will be offered for free babysitting should their new family ever need one.   And if the new family should get hit by a truck, and if the K9 population at Run A Muck Ranch is a little lower at the time, Crabby and Crazy would fight for custody of Patches and Lucky.

Yes, these brothers, who MUST be adopted together, are ALL THAT!

If you are interested in meeting these AWSOME boys, please visit for more information.

4 thoughts on “Run A Muck Ranch News Bulletin 2/28/13

  1. The dog I am looking after was abused, chained up and left on his own for much of the day. He was rescued and my friends adopted him. Poor thing has had a traumatic life. He cannot abide being left alone or be without any human touch. I am trying to type this with a dog on my lap – it’s not easy :o)

    1. Truthfully, I think abuse cases are easier than complete feral. At some point in the dog’s past, in an abuse case, someone was kind to the dog. Ergo, there is some memory that people are OK. In Marcy’s case, there is nothing in her memory banks to tell her we aren’t the enemy. She’ll come around. Already we are seeing certain behaviors that say she likes the current accomodations.

      As far as typing with a dog on your lap, been there, done that, sometimes with 2. As you say, not so easy 🙂

  2. The number of dogs in one’s lap while typing is directly proportional to the number of dogs living under the roof. Put a few more dogs under your roof and you will be amazed at how you learn to adapt doing mundane things when said dogs decide you need their help.

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