Climate Change at Run A Muck Ranch

We got a doozie of a surprise with the weather this afternoon, in the form of a sleet storm, immediately followed by a simultaneous snow/thunderstorm.  Like the “Week of the Freeze” we never saw it coming.

Funny thing about Arizona:  It may rain at the house, but 5 miles away it is sunny as can be.    At the time the storm started, I was waiting for the call to pick up a ….  drum roll….   foster dog.  Yup, happens there is an emergency situation going on, and we are stepping in to help.  As I was on the phone with the people we were getting our foster kid from, the sleet had just changed to snow, and being a nervous driver, I wasn’t so sure driving the Waggin’ Wagon under those conditions, especially when she only recently was restored to health, on the Freeway, was a good idea.  Only when Crabby got home from work – late incidentally (had to actually drive the speed limit or below due to road conditions) – did I hear that the northern roads were not the place to be at the time.

So, to the people who I was supposed to take the foster K9  handoff from:  PLEASE watch the news to see I was NOT kidding when I said it was nasty up here!!!   Hubby says the 101 is backed up northbound to infinity, so even if I did make it down, we wouldn’t have been home yet!  Doesn’t sound like you got what we did down south!

The video is a little deceiving.  When I scooped up the snow, it was from tip of fingers to my knuckles, about 3-4 inches.  In the video, it doesn’t look so deep.  It fell at about 2:30 to 3 ish, and though melting pretty fast, it is now 6:30 and we still have patches all over the yard.




EDIT:  Sampson, referred to in the video never made it to us.  arrangements were made for him down south.  The very next day, however, another kid was caught in the trap.  The weather cooperated and Run A Muck Ranch welcomed foster girl Marcy.


9 thoughts on “Climate Change at Run A Muck Ranch

    1. Far as I know, he is still coming to us. Slight change in gameplan however, in that since he is now in the south, closer to the rescue, they may neuter him first, then send hiim rather than send him and have it done up here. Just waiting on a call…

    1. I know people from snow country look at pics of the area and mock. I too came from prime snow country. Difference here: No snow tires, and rubber from tires oils the roads in the hot summers. Slippery when wet defines our roads after a rain. Add snow and sleet: Picture the entire road being black ice.

      Foster kid spent last night under a warm roof. Just waiting for work as to when we can get him. They may neuter before sending rather than after.

  1. That would have been a shock to the system. I never minded the snow, it was the aftermath that we were not too fond of – when the temperature lifted a few degrees and the snow turned to rain and everything turned to slush and mud.

    1. a) snow = cold. I DON’T DO COLD!

      b) the aftermath took 6 hours today to finally get cleaned up out of the house. It was worse than the rainstorm a few weeks ago. With the ground still at around frosting at night, each day after has been mucky since it can’t really dry out.


  2. Sorry – forgot to say that Arizona and the snow was on the South Australian State-wide news last night. So there you are – you were on the news in Australia.

    1. And did you get the jokes about how we all freak when a snowflake is sighted and drive our cars into ditches as well? That one has gotten around too 🙂

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