Sometimes it’s Just Best Not to Ask Why…

I guess it’s been so long since Willy has ridden in a car seat (as opposed to the open back of the Waggin’ Wagon), he just plain forgot how to sit!

10 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s Just Best Not to Ask Why…

    1. We had actually gone from home to a place we wanted to walk, couldn’t let the kids go there, so we went somewhere else. Willy left the house facing backward, turned frontward as we were pulling into where we thought we were going, and when we pulled away to go to the final spot, he turned around facing back again! It was at the tail end of the second leg that we remembered the cam corder was in the truck.

      Not sure what was up with the need to face backward…

    1. “That Boy” is so much like you it is just plain scarey! It’s like you are Willy’s human mirror reflection and vice versa. Sooo… if he is just plain weird, and a few fries short of a happy meal, so too sir, are YOU!

  1. In Willy’s case, good, bad, silly or perfect, he is definitely MY dog. Never before has one of the kids made it so clear. Oddly, 2 weeks after ‘My Dog’ arrived, Morty wandered in. Morty made it equally clear that he is Crabby’s Dog. Before these 2,there was never polarization at the Ranch.

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