A Tribute to a Friend

A few weeks ago, I posted this picture of a friend of Crabby’s dog, Whiskey, on a camping trip.

Whiskey is the reason Morty couldn’t go on many camping trips as Whiskey was not pleased with other dogs around.   Whiskey’s dad, Ryan, ALWAYS took Whiskey camping with him.  Apparently, it wasn’t open to debate.

Still, there came a weekend when Morty and Whiskey did meet, and they became friends.  So much so, that when Whiskey’s dad  invited Crabby over for Superbowl Sunday, Morty was invited to come visit with Whiskey.

Morty and Crabby looked forward to other camping trips with Whiskey.  Sadly, that won’t happen.  Whiskey passed away suddenly.

I don’t know Ryan very well, and I only met Whiskey in person once, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel for Ryan’s loss.

This is for Ryan:

Please don’t sue me for stealing some pics from your Facebook page!


Whiskey was one very lucky kid to have found you.  He had so many adventures and had so much fun with you.  You gave him a life so many other dogs only dream about.


I’m not going to tell you I’m sorry for your loss because if you weren’t hurting right now, you didn’t do it right when Whiskey was alive.

Now is the time to think how lucky you were to have had Whiskey in your life.    What ever hurt you feel now won’t necessarily go away, but it will become much easier, and if you spend your time remembering how much fun you two had, it will get easier sooner.


If Whiskey had it to do all over again, you know he wouldn’t change a thing.

So because of all that, instead of offering condolences, I say I am happy for you and Whiskey that you found each other, and I congratulate you both for that.


I’m sure you have heard Crabby lament about how Mother Hen I am about our kids, so when I say Whiskey was, and remains, one very lucky dog, well, that means something.

Whiskey can’t be replaced.  He will always be the best.  But I do hope you decide to give another dog a wonderful life with all the adventures Whiskey had.

To everyone else:  Make sure to look at the sky tonight for Whiskey’s star.  From what I’ve heard about him, he won’t want his dad to mourn for very long because he has a lot of new adventures he wants to get to, but can’t until his dad lets him go.    He can’t chase the really big fish toward his dad’s hooks if he has to use all his energy staying bright in the sky after all…  and there’s that asteroid passing close to the earth that needs to be chased.

Good bye Whiskey.  I wish I got to know you.   Check in with your dad once in a while to let him know you’re OK.


4 thoughts on “A Tribute to a Friend

  1. As you know Ryan I beleve that GOD sends us our animal friends to teach us the meaning of true love and when we have learned the lesson he then calls them home so that they can be returned to another in need of true love.

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