Please Light a Candle for the Waggin’ Wagon :(

It is with great sadness that I have to report that our beloved Waggin’ Wagon is out of commission, sitting on a concrete pad in the back yard, her hood open and her guts spread about the yard.  Crabby has not been able to diagnose the problem, so  we don’t know when she will be fixed.


Until such time as the Waggin’ Wagon can be restored to health,  we are limited to the cab of a 96 Ford Ranger to transport the kids to their outings.    While other people may have dogs that know how to ride in the bed of a truck…  our kids, well there isn’t a lick of sense among them.  Some are just stupid enough they will try to jump out of an open window, at 55, if they see a bunny.  Absolutely no way we would let them ride in the bed!

Further, without her, neither Mortimer nor Crabby can even go camping.

While the little ones can be loaded as a group, the larger kids can only go 1 or a pair at a time.  This translates into the possibility that some of the kids may not get to go out on weekends 😦


The kids are DEVASTATED!

Light a candle that the Waggin’ Wagon will be well, and that the kids can get to go on outings together soon.

Also, send good thoughts that the cost of fixing her is not so much that I have to pimp out Crabby on a street corner to raise money.  (Between the 2 of us, he is the cutest after all…)

Waggin’ Wagon!  WE MISS YOU!!!!

8 thoughts on “Please Light a Candle for the Waggin’ Wagon :(

  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Waggin’ Wagon. Keep an eye out for those extra little “gut” pieces that don’t seem to make their way back in!

    1. With our little DASH! who is constantly swallowing things he shouldn’t, I have scanned the site a few times to make sure there isn’t anything small out there.

      My brother took apart, I think it was a Duster, in our driveway back in the day. It was put back together and as far as I remember, ran fine. It was later that we founf a bunch of smaller gut pieces hidden in the lawn. If it is my brother and his macho car, oh well. But if it is a vehicle my kids are being driven around in…’Tis another reason I keep sweeping the Waggin’ Wagon hospital pad – to make sure nothing important is walking away…

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