A View from Inside Slugger’s Head

There is absolutely no way to describe the Joy we know as Slugger to anyone.  The Slug Nut is something that needs to be experienced.

How it is that a little boy who came from such a horrible start could end up as good natured and loveable as he is should be a lesson to us all on how to be better people

I thought it would be fun for this installment to let Slugger write his own blog, to show you what goes on inside his head.    So, here we go:


















There you have it folks: A view from inside the brain of Slugger.  Poor kid is exhausted from his efforts.

Never underestimate the value of the stupid ones!





6 thoughts on “A View from Inside Slugger’s Head

  1. What he may lack in the brains department is overlooked by the overflowing amount of cuteness he possesses! I have a hunch that he and Grimm, my knucklehead, would get along beautifully…between them, they may have just enough sense to come in out of a hail storm. Although my Einstein might decide they were balls to chase. Who knows?

    1. Unless Grimm has the intelligence to get out of the hailstorm, the 2 together would be doomed! If he is without additional stimulation (i.e. playing with one of the other kids) Slugger will stare up at the sky when it is raining, wondering what it is hitting him in the head, all the while blinking uncontrollably as the rain drops hit his eyes.


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