This is Love

So we had a week of record cold, immediately followed by a week of record heat, and that was closed off by a weekend of record rain.  They are calling it weather whiplash around these parts…

During the part of record rain, I happened to take Maude, Sarah and Angus to the Half Pipes for Maude’s mandatory daily walk.  Turns out the area was chock full of running washes and slippery mud.

What is a Crazy Dog Lady to do when she gets home but load up the Waggin’ Waggon with the 3 most mud loving mutts, and a 4th who just might learn to love mud with the right k9 play group and go back to the Half Pipes.

I wish there was better video, but walking was quite difficult, and Morty was quite run-offy.  So I had to spend more time corralling the group than watching through the view finder.

Still, with what the kids tracked into the house, which was significantly over and above what they were already tracking in from the yard…  it has to be love 🙂


13 thoughts on “This is Love

    1. Tennesee River Authority is the artist. A MUST GET if you like the hillbilly stuff. They also did a great Sweet Home Alabama and Cinnimon (sp?) girl. Unfortauntely, it seems they fell of the map after the one album. A shame…

  1. We had the heat followed by the cold but we don’t have the rain – well other places do, but we don’t. Can’t say that I am too unhappy about that. For some odd reason this particular video didn’t work.

    1. Video wasn’t as fun as it could have been. I had to keep turning it off to keep calling the kids together. Was hoping for great footage this weekend, but it is not to be.

      rain is so rare, we really can’t complain – but did it have to come down all at once?

    1. We were actually taking some people and their dogs here this weekend. Unfortunately, someone decided to dump a poor dead calf right where we were going to play. It would have been great video! A whole heaping of mud puppies with enough people I could keep the camera rolling without having to worry about the kids.

      1. All that mud and water, probably going to dry up in a week, and the kids can’t even go. Poor kids!

    1. I just wish Crabby was with me to keep them corraled so I could video more. It seems they only wanted to do the funny or cute stuff the second I turned the camera off! #$%!!

    1. Nothing crabbier than the person who has to run behind them for 2 days after that cleaning up!!! But they do have such fun…

      We kind a like the doggy dozen too 🙂

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