Negatives of Keeping Multiple Dogs: Installment 3


8 thoughts on “Negatives of Keeping Multiple Dogs: Installment 3

    1. Sweep, Vacume, wipe, then do it again. Muliple times, every day until it dries out. Then I get to start on the laundry…

      Angus and Sarah thank you!

  1. I actually have a runway leading to the front door steps. The sides of it are four foot cattle panels wired to posts. It’s about four feet wide and lined with pine straw. It’s about 15 feet long. First they run through the straw, then the rugs on the porch, and then three beach towels on the floor inside. Nevertheless, the floors need sweeping and vacuuming every couple of hours.

    1. sounds like you have a lot more room getting into the house than we have! We did install river rock and pea gravel near the door, as seen in the video, but our soil is clay. When it sticks to paws, it takes a while to fall off.

      Day 3 post record rainfall: Still at the sweep, then vacume then wipe state. Hopefully tomorrow we will only have to vacume and wipe. By this weekend there will be a MOUNTAIN of laundry to catch up on. No point in getting too happy washing dog beds, couch cover, etc. when the dogs just muck it up when they go outside again!

      1. My downfall is swamp and pond mud. All are water loving dogs, and they go in the pond and swamp every day. A few years ago it snowed, and they still went in the water. 🙂

      2. You win! At least it is dry on the desert most of the time. If we lived near a swamp… I couldn’t even imagine! Morty and Slugger would grow gills!

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