Slugger May be Off Meds Soon!!! But He’s Still an Idiot.

It is with tears of gladness that I report Slugger’s Valley Fever titers are nearly negative!

When first diagnosed, his titers were 1:32.   In more than a year on Fluconozole, every titer has been lower, or the same (at a lower level).



Based on Slugger’s history, the vet has directed me to reduce his Fluconozole dosage to half, and if his titers remain very low next titer check, he can be taken off his meds completely!  Emmi and Sarah on the other hand… whole other blog entry…

The thing about Slugger is, even back when he was so sick, emaciated, bald and bloodied, he had no clue.  Some people are glass half full, some half empty.  In Slugger’s case, his glass runneth over.  Nothing bad can happen in Slugger world, therefore he chooses not to be bothered by such things as illness, injury, etc.  They say attitude helps to heal.  I think it accurate to assume Slugger’s attitude has helped him through his Valley Fever.

Fingers crossed that the number of Special Needs kids at Run A Muck Ranch will be reduced by 1 soon!

As an aside to this announcement, I need to share some events that occurred the day Slug went to the vet:

Slugger, despite his mental deficiencies, is a very well-behaved traveller.  He sits in the exact center of the passenger seat, eyes forward the whole time.  There is absolutely no interference with the driver whatsoever, and he is visible from the outside.

We were stopped at a red light when I noticed the driver and passenger of the vehicle to our left staring at us.  When he saw me looking back, the driver shouted over “That (Slugger) is the nicest looking dog I have ever seen!”.  Like I have said over and over, between Slugger and Emmi, Slugger got the pretty genes.

Later, as we were checking out at the vet, someone was standing outside the door.  Slugger decided he REALLY wanted to say hello and darted over, slamming face first into the glass door.   As I more particularly have said, over and over,  between Slugger and Emmi, Slugger ONLY got the pretty genes.


5 thoughts on “Slugger May be Off Meds Soon!!! But He’s Still an Idiot.

  1. Good news…paws crossed! Now let’s revisit Slugger’s so-called “mental deficiencies” – he wormed his way into your heart, has a good and safe home where be now has lots of food and treats from a couple that can’t leave on vacation (ever) because they keep a house full of playmates for him, he gets regular medical attention, and has been made famous on the blog-o-sphere. He has to share his bed occasionally, but I would say he’s pretty much got this figured out. Pretty much a smarty pants in my book. 🙂

    1. If he were human, he would be one of those people who falls into good luck and opportunities without even trying.

      What other dog can ‘compete’ against dogs that are purebreds and/or can do a bunch of tricks and still win AZ’s Favorite Dog? I didn’t know there was a ‘talent’ part to the competition. I stood in front of the judges and actually had to say that Slugger knew no tricks and probably wouldn’t do anything of measureable value in his life… and he won anyway. Perhaps we should train him to buy lottery tickets…

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