We Have A Winner! Run A Munchies Logo

Presenting the Run A Munchies logo, modeled after our DASH! !

ezz6I1ixgQF11BCGq95sIei_IpEWAz5Vk6qPu0jbfycIt was a difficult decision that basically came down to which best depicted the Run A Muck Ranch kid it represented.  Though I was hedging highly in the direction of the Morty dog because I just liked it better, the finalled  DASH!  just blew me away.  I can actually see our little dynamo in the finished product.



But I am not letting the Morty version go….  Problem is, since the Morty logo doesn’t really show Morty, I guess we will just have to find a dog that looks like the logo…  (Why do I think Julie is already searching?  Hey Julie, small to mid-sized please – feeding Morty and Slugger is hard enough!)

If you need any artwork done, I highly recommend Trinitoons

http://www.trinitoons.com/ or you may contact the artist directly:

Ansar at ansar@trinitoons.com

Very reasonably priced and he did the work from photos.

No kickbacks coming from the artist for that little endorsement.  I just happen to be a very happy customer 🙂


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