Good bye Toto

This may be kind of a strange post, but it matters to me, and it’s my blog, so deal with it!

Toto was lost today, succumbing to bladder cancer.  She wasn’t my kid, but I have been fortunate to have known her for several years.  Her parents are the very same mentioned in the Thank You Videos to Aunt Robby and Uncle Bob posted previously in this blog.

Toto  was a beautiful 14 year old Scotty, only ever had one home, and oh how she was loved!  An only child, she trained her parents well.  But she wasn’t bratty though, absolutely not!  Toto was friendly and sweet to everyone, even her smelly landscaper.    She was really a delight.   I will miss her badly.

I just got back in from brushing Charlie’s teeth.  While I was out there I happened to look up.  There, to the south-east, was a bright new star.  As luck would have it, it happens to be a little higher and a little to the left of Angel’s star.   How sweet of Toto to position herself so close to a little one who didn’t know love!

Please send good thoughts to Toto’s parents that their tears will stop and the smiles will take over soon, so that Toto’s star can fade and she can go play with the other angels.

Good bye Toto.  Thank you for letting me get to know you. Don’t worry about your Mom and Dad.  I’ll keep an eye on them for you.  It’s time for you to go play now.

6 thoughts on “Good bye Toto

    1. That is what I keep telling them and want them to remember. Toto was a very lucky girl and they were lucky that out of all the people she could have gone to, she went to them. Her mom has said they will get another dog, just not now. Like Toto and every kid before her, that will be one VERY lucky dog!

  1. Toto’s family gave me her things today. Toto took care of her toys, and the Run A Muck kids would have shredded them before they hit the floor. So, I gave them to a wonderful lady who does so much for homeless dogs. She will see to it that the belongings of a little girl who was loved so much go to other dogs who are looking to be loved.

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