A Thank You and Get Well Soon to Aunt Mary Lou from Gracie

I mentioned before that I am woefully behind on my Thank You Videos from the Christmas season.

I found out today an intended recipient of one of those belated videos is in the hospital.

This video goes out to one of the best people I know.

Mary Lou, Thank you!  Feel Better!  And I am sorry the recent weather has severely damaged pretty much every living thing in your landscape.

Though I would love to see you at the end of the month, if you weren’t to show up until May, when things will have grown back, that would be cool too!




2 thoughts on “A Thank You and Get Well Soon to Aunt Mary Lou from Gracie

  1. Gracie is too cute! She reminds me of my parents old dog (who lived to 17) named Heidi–she was just a little bit stouter with shorter legs and a longer nose than Gracie. I laughed at the goat and muppet combo as my dad always said Heidi was the love child between an albino mini gator and a brillo pad. We all see different things in our dogs but love them for it anyways!

    1. Wow! Brillo pad… we never thought of that! That sounds like Gracie! Your Dad sounds like he is a cool guy 🙂 And yes, the funny looking ones… if only they knew how funny looking they are!

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