Run A Muck Ranch News Bulletin: Medical Edition

Charlie’s Periodontal Treatment Reveals  No Reason To Panic At This Point.

Following his periodontal cleaning and a more thorough inspection of his dental problems, it was determined that the condition at Charlie’s roots is not severe enough to require immediate removal of his top 4 incisors.   Additionally, the 4 loose teeth noted at the original visit are expected to tighten on their own.

You think human dental work is bad?
You think human dental work is bad?
Guess again!
Guess again!
Imagine if you had to put up with THIS for your cleanings!
Imagine if you had to put up with THIS for your cleanings!

Though the possibility of future extraction remains on the horizon, it is hoped that annual periodontal cleaning and weekly tooth brushings will save Charlie’s teeth for at least some years.

Sarah Suffers Relapse:  Bragging About Her Progress In Last News Bulletin Blamed.

Jinx is the word when discussing Sarah, and bragging about her progress in the last News Bulletin is blamed on her relapse in mega-esophagus-like symptoms over the New Year holiday.

She went to bed fine, she awoke 10% dehydrated.

At weigh in at the Emergency Clinic, Sarah was at 62 pounds, 8 pounds lower than her last titer check weight taken in November.  This accounted for nearly 1 gallon of fluids lost in less than 12 hours.

Sarah found a bone!
Sarah found a bone!

Sarah was returned to health with veterinary administered sub-q fluids and Crazy’s secret “Sarah’s Home Rehydration Kit”.

Sarah has been Sarah Happy Feet since then.

Sarah’s Fluconozole, recently increased, was immediately reduced back to 200mg twice a day.

Crazy will NEVER AGAIN brag about Sarah’s progress.

Maude’s Abscessed Anal Gland Turns Out To Be A Benign Tumor.

Headling says it all:  What was believed to be an infected or abscessed anal gland has turned out to be a benign tumor.

While the recommendation for a younger dog would be to have it removed, anesthesia at Maude’s age is dangerous.

As an extra added bonus, the longer the tumor remains, the higher the chances it could turn cancerous.  Unfortunately, at Maude’s age, treatment for cancer would also be dangerous.

Gracie accompanying Maude on one of Maude's "Mandatory" walks.
Gracie accompanying Maude on one of Maude’s “Mandatory” walks.

Since there is no safe treatment, whether the tumor is benign or malignant, we are left to monitor Maude’s ‘movements’ to insure her plumbing is in good working order.

As an added insurance policy, Maude is now required to be physically walked on a daily basis (as opposed to leaving her to passively exercise herself in the back yard),  to make sure her innards are working as they should.

Currently, Maude is not complaining about the walks, indeed, she get’s REALLY  excited when The Crazy Dog Lady gets home from work, now known as Walk Time.  She is, however,  a little irked at Crazy’s recent infatuation with her hind end area and the total lack of privacy when she (Maude) defecates.

When asked if she believes she is taking it a little too far, Crazy responded “Ask me that when I start walking Maudie, carrying tongs and a gram scale!”

Run A Muck Ranch is at the sit and wait stage with Maude, with fingers crossed that the ‘wait’ will be a very, very long time.

Angus Suffers Near Fatal Fall; Crabby Mocks

At 3:09 a.m. in the morning, during the time The Plague nearly crippled Crabby and Crazy, Angus fell off the bed in the middle of the night, landing on Sarah’s dog bed.

Crazy responded to his cries of pain by comforting him.  Angus appeared to have injured his front left foot.  Being in no condition to drive, Crazy gave Angus Tremadol to ease what she believed to be just a foot tweak, and when he quieted down, they returned to bed.

Later that morning, Angus was still limping and vocalizing.  Being of more lucid mind (sans night-time flu medications), Crazy whisked Angus to the Emergency Clinic.

While no broken bones were found, his 2nd and 3rd digits on his left foot were swollen and very painful.  In other words, he banged his toes pretty bad.

Since returning home with the diagnosis, Crabby has not let up on Angus one bit.  He has mocked that the vehicles are pointed in the “leave fast’ position in case Angus breaks an eyelash or chips a nail, teased him to no end, and otherwise implied that Angus is overreacting to what amounted to a simple case of stubbed toes.


What Crabby doesn’t seem to understand is that Angus has a whole lot of Macho to carry around on his stumpy legs, so much so that the loss of a single toenail will cause this furry ball of sexiness to collapse to the ground.

Next time Crabby suffers a ding on any part of his person, he is best not to look to Crazy, or Angus for that matter, for any sympathy.

Crabby and Crazy Survive The Plague

Sans Flu shots or doctor care (like we can afford it anyway!), Crabby and Crazy are steadily on the mend for their bout with The Plague.

Thanks to all for get well wishes!



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    1. …and notice Gracie’s problem was covered in the LAST News Bulletin! Been a long strange trip these last 4 or so weeks…

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