Walking With William Finale

OK, so I said there would be 4 videos.  I lied.  I am SOO far behind on videos, including Thank You Videos I owe to some special people, that I have no choice but to punt:

Here are  Episodes 3 and 4 combined into the Finale.

Break out the popcorn, this puppy is 7 minutes long…

If you haven’t seen Episodes 1 and 2, they can be found at




Depending on which group Willy works with, he is either dragging the line or loose.  More on the chaos that has become Run A Muck Ranch in the near future!


5 thoughts on “Walking With William Finale

    1. Using various methods of torture, I have been able to determine that this comment was NOT posted by The Crabby Man. Unfortunately, during said torture I also learned that Crabby stopped reading the blog at all a while a ago…

      So, to the ‘someone’ that called Angus “fat” I will have you know that Angus is at the exact center of norm for the weight of his people. Fact is, even fat quivers in his presence and as a result, if dissolves before attatching itself to his person.

      Angus can’t help it that he’s a hottie. Don’t be jealous!

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