Morty’s First Backpack Hike

Fear not Run A Muck Fans!  Morty was acclimated to the backpack for weeks before this trip.  Also, though the pack looks heavy, it weighed less than 10 pounds packed, less on the return hike.

Besides, if you notice how many pictures where Morty was far ahead, it didn’t appear he even noticed it 🙂


2 thoughts on “Morty’s First Backpack Hike

  1. Enjoyed this very much. Would like to do something similar with my little dogs but the disadvantage here is that the pack would have to be very heavy so we could accommodate enough water. There are no streams – we have no rivers and the water that keeps us alive is pumped through a large 350 mile long pipeline. Without that, there would be no town. Yes it’s hot and harsh, but you could cope with that if there was water out there.

    1. That and your kangaroo problem… Morty’s hikes are contingent on water along the way. Happens we got some rain so there were running washes.

      The Superstitions are notorious for unfound bodies – people who went in without enough water. The streams Morty was laying in will be long dried up by May.

      Come summer, Crabby and Morty will have to make some very long drives to get to water if they want to back pack camp.

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