Angel of Run A Muck Ranch

Without going into too much detail, at the end of last week, I became involved in the rescue of an e-list dog from a local pound.  In a nutshell, the little girl was to come to me, temporarily, and go to her new home today.

A rescue pulled Angel from the e-list and transported her to a meet spot where I was to take custody.  Angel was in a blanket, so I didn’t get too much of an opportunity to look at her before I was ready to whisk her to a warm home with food.  The second Angel crawled out of the towel, I realized both she and I were in trouble.

I am not going to go into all the reasons I started to cry, nor will I speak of all the ways Angel was suffering.  All I will tell you is that rather than taking her to her first step toward a life of love, we went directly to the Emergency Room.  It was there, after several hours of grief, on the part of myself and the rescue, that the decision was made to set Angel free.

Angel did not go alone.  Both the rescue person and I were holding her, and we both loved her.

But Angel did not go without a home and a family.  As soon as I realized we were going to lose her, she became my kid.   It may have only been in life for less than a half hour, but I am proud of her and I want to tell you all about her:

Angel was feisty!  You could see it in her eyes.  She was an older girl, but you could tell in her younger years she could bust a rug with the best of them and if anyone gave her any flack, she would have had no problems putting them in their place.

I have often said we need a pint-sized girl to join our pocket rocket boys.  There is no doubt in my mind that, despite her age, Angel would have enjoyed playing with our little boys, but if they got out of hand, she would have given them a beat down they would never forget.   At the same time, she had a cuddly aura about her, and I am pretty sure she would have worked her way into The Turbo Charger with DASH! and he would have been tickled to death with the extra heat source!

When Angel slept, she snored, VERY loud.  Crabby’s snoring has me taking a blanket to the couch on a regular basis. Add Angel to the mix and I may as well move to the couch permanently!

Angel loved my pumpkin/peanut butter dog treats.  The second she figured out which pocket I carried them in, she wanted in that pocket in a big way.  The speed in which she figured out where the treats were proved just how smart she was.

Angel loved her face stroked.

Angel would have learned real quick how to manipulate The Crabby Man.

Angel was beautiful.

Angel left us on December 27, 2012 and now sleeps next to her brother Arrrmando (the second ‘r’ is silent), who passed away, December 27, 2011.    Arrrmando (the second ‘r’ is silent) was buried, curled up, in his favorite “Little Bed”, a gift from his Aunt Nora several years before.  Sometimes he could be a little standoffish about sharing his bed, so I made sure Angel had some pumpkin/peanut butter treats to share as a bribe.  I like to think they are snuggled up right now, clucking their tongues at the unruly antics of the other Ghosts of Run A Muck Ranch.   Actually, maybe they needed Angel more than us because there isn’t a lick of sense among them, aside from Arrrmando (the second ‘r’ is silent).  I know he can’t control the beasts, maybe Angel can!

Angel will not be forgotten.   We NEVER forget our kids.

Be rest assured the number collar from the pound was removed and her name was Angel before we let her go.
Be rest assured the number collar from the pound was removed and her name was Angel before we let her go.


Sleep well Angel.  We love you sweetie.

4 nights ago a new star appeared in the sky.  That new star is Angel of Run A Muck Ranch. She shines a little brighter than the other stars, but in time, when the tears start to become less, her brightness will fade, but she will never go away.   Since she is grieved by the rescue, by us, and by the new Mom she was supposed to meet today, she will shine bright for a long time.  Go out tonite and say hi to her.


14 thoughts on “Angel of Run A Muck Ranch

    1. We didn’t go digital until just a couple years ago. So many kids were saved to disc from ‘old school’, but then we weren’t able to get the pics off the discs when computers were upgraded. It’s OK though. I remember them more from the feelings I get when I think of them. Each one left behind a feeling that was unique.

    1. I don’t take aplogies for my losses.. only contratulations. Let me try to explain: Sad but true, Sarah may not be long for this world. Though tears will be shed when she leaves us, the fact still remains that the stars aligned to bring us together to begin with. Sarah has had us biting our nails with worry since the day she moved in, but have you seen the way she runs with that doggy paddle gait and goofy grin? Or the way Hector just loves her to pieces? Or the pathetic “how could you?” eyes when I sit in HER spot on the couch? And there is so much more… She may not live to be old, but she came to US. We have an experience that no one else will have: Sarah. I can’t imagine a life of never having known her.

      That we have Sarah, or any of the other kids for that matter, for an hour, a month, a year or many years, well, that makes us pretty blessed in my book, and worthy of congatulations, and not condolensces!

      Hope that makes sense..

  1. It is often heartbreaking…the work you do and the gifts you give. But also profoundly rewarding. Thank you for being there for Angel when she needed you most. Sweet heavenly dreams, sweet pea.

    1. I have a feeling she is being shown around the yard by Arrrmando (the second ‘r’ is silent) as we speak.

  2. I grieve more for the furry ones than I do the human ones, even the ones I never met. Just something about losing one touches me like nothing else can. ((HUGS)) Shana

    1. Any soul is a loss. I think on the furry front it would be easier if they could talk so we wouldn’t keep second and third guessing ourselves…

  3. Thank you for allowing Angel to know true love before she left this world. Even the smallest moments of kindness can truly brighten a life and I’m sure this only makes her little star shine that much brighter.

    Be at peace, little Angel.

    1. I just wish it were possible not to care sometimes. I just can’t comprehend how anyone could let Angel get as bad as she was.

  4. Thanks Kath for all the TLC you shower on God’s furry people. I , like one other who commented…can take human suffering more than animal… I always cry over animal mistreatment and wish we could severely whip people who hurt animals and put them to hard labor in a prison with no amenities……. how can anyone hurt an animal? they love us and only want to please us…
    We just buried Lady Meu who adopted us about 9 years ago. She showed up on our front steps and never left. . We couldn’t let her live in the house with our other cat (Dutchess– from the Corinth NY “Save a Stray”) because she had Feline Aids… but she lived in the sun room with my plants and would come in to watch TV with me evenings.. in summer she lived mostly outside during the day.. always close to the house and on the hunt for chipmunks ( and rarely bothering the birds I love and feed) . She lived a good life with lots of love…she is missed and was buried on the hill under the pine tree with all our other furry family members who have passed. I’m sure when I get to heaven I will be reunited with all my furry loved ones.

    1. Wow! Thank you for taking Lady Meu when you know no one else would! I’m sure her illness always sat at the back of your mind and you never knew when you would lose her.

      We have been in the same boat with a few kids, currently, Sarah (shorter term) and Emmi (longer term). As wonderful as the girls are, if we were to lose them today, it would still be worth it and we would do it all over again. What I wish people would take away from our experiences is that we knew nothing about the kids other than the fact they needed help. We didn’t choose them. Turns out they just happen to be perfect all on their own. All dogs – and cats – have this potential.

      Thank you again for what you did for Lady Meu, and to your daughter for welcoming an older dog into her family. We need more people like you!

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