Wanted: Loving Grandparents for Rebuffed Run A Muck Bunch

As is customary, Christmas included a call to the parents.  During such call, I listened to how cute my brother’s mini-D was, how worried my other brother was having left his Brussels Griffon with a friend so he could partake in the family gathering (keep in mind, 12 dogs do not create the ideal conditions for us to travel to said gathering), and lest we forget, the re-told stories of my parents’ own mini-D.

To anyone on the outside, this would sound like people who are proud of their own dog and their grand dogs, right?

A couple days later, I happened on a custom T-shirt company on the net and it gave me an idea…


I love this picture:


It DEMANDS to be put on a T-shirt, doesn’t it?

My parent’s expressed a fondness for their other granddogs, didn’t they?

So I sent this ‘proof to them’ asking for their T-shirt sizes:


Click on the pic so you can see it a little better.

Today, I log on and find an e-mail from my mother.  Attached was this pic:


Again, click on the picture to see it better.

A message to Mom and Dad:  The kids are HEARTBROKEN!  Sarah is so depressed, she hasn’t been able to get off the couch all day!

Anyone else want to be proud grandparents to the Run A Muck Kids?


12 thoughts on “Wanted: Loving Grandparents for Rebuffed Run A Muck Bunch

  1. absolutely! It would be an honor ….. to meet your pack.
    I put my dogs first, I have 5. At one point had 11 counting all my fosters. I choose to have dogs and I give up things and do with out. I regret nothing and it will always be about my dogs and rescuing dogs and loving dogs.

      1. Hey… I’m not the one who can barely get off the couch in my depression… that’s Sarah! Rebuffed by the world because she is a pit, rebuffed by her own grandparents when she wanted to send them a T-shirt. OK, so the couch is her favorite spot, and sleeping on it is her favorite activity, but her eyes really do look sad when she opens them! how is that ME playing the guilt card??? It’s the grand dogs… all the granddogs! Perhaps if their mom got a new stove, they would all feel better….

        just sayin’

  2. CDL- – You give your mother far too much credit – there’s no way I would be able to “deface” your T shirt picture. (Email is about the extent of my computer capabilities – -I’m still not sure how I found this blog site!) It appears that my email address was used without my consent by your dad to get a rise out of you, and it appears it worked. He thinks it’s very funny. BTW – – We missed you very much at Christmas! Mom

  3. So that means you will proudly wear the T-shirt (though I am not sure you have ever worn a T-shirt in your life), will pose in it for all family events in it, will make said photo your Christmas card from now on, and every summer we can send a half a dozen or so grand dogs to you to visit so you can show them off to all your friends? Morty, Slugger and Emmi (the ones on the T-shirt) would LOVE to come visit!

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