Run A Muck Ranch News Bulletin 12/24/12

Dental Disasters Strike Run A Muck Ranch!

In an unexpected one-two punch, Run A Muck Ranch was forced to become expert in the ways of dental disease.

After noticing Charlie was having difficulties eating, it was determined that he has Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption & Hypercementosis, a condition that can not be said once let alone 3 times fast.


The veterinarian diagnosing the condition recommended immediate extraction of Charlie’s top 4 incisors.  The second opinion by Charlie’s regular vet was that we should try maintenance on the existing stage of the condition, holding off on extraction to the last possible minute.

Until further notice, Charlie will eat watered down pellets, have his teeth brushed daily,  and will be put on an immune boosting supplement.

Just when it was believed the world was good again, Gracie started acting funny.

Gracie Chillin'
Gracie Chillin’

Apparently she may be a wee bit older than previously believed…  aside from that, she happens to be one of those dogs that requires tooth brushing.  Her problems may be genetic in nature, which predispose her to certain conditions, and requires care over and above a ‘normal’ dog.

To make Gracie’s case worse, she never said a word to either The Crazy Dog Lady or The Crabby Man that she was having problems.  Instead, she told her Wednesday Mom, at the house she visits every Wednesday.

If the initial diagnosis by the vet didn’t make Crazy and Crabby feel horrible, the subsequent loss of 6 teeth have them feeling so low they have to look up to see the bottom of guilty.

Suffice it to say, the special feeding, the extra treats, the  “forgive us” attention and the invitation to sleep on the people bed every night, well, Gracie is pretty pleased with how things turned out.

Wednesday Mom has already said that tooth brushing will be added to Gracie’s already exhausting regimen of gentle walks down quiet lanes, brushings, private toys and being fed dog treats while watching daytime TV on the couch, during her weekly excursions.

Long term maintenance will consist of twice a week tooth brushing and twice a year cleanings.

Run A Muck Ranch would like to give a heartfelt Thank You! to Steve and Pamela R., Tom and Marilyn C., and Mary Lou B.  Your unexpected gifts really helped us through this patch of dental dilemas.   Thank You Videos will be forthcoming.

Run A Muck Ranch Considering

Roll Out of  Run A Munchies

With Charlie and Gracie being added to the “Active Special Needs” list, it brings to 8 the total number of Special Needs residents at Run A Muck Ranch.

Since Crabby and Crazy aren’t getting any younger, and both work manual labor jobs, it is time to consider other income streams to keep up with the never-ending critter expenses.

It is no secret that Crazy cooks more for the dogs than for Crabby.  As such, Crazy is testing some of her k9 delectables on outside dogs to determine whether the Run A Muck kids are simply non-selective on what they will ingest, or if the treats happen to be winners with dogs in general .

Pending the results of outside taste tests, adjustments in preparation steps so that treats don’t look like shapeless blobs, and meeting all FDA requirements, Run A Muck Ranch may be offering Run A Munchies for sale in the future.   At the current time, a feed store with 3 locations in Scottsdale, Arizona, is offering to carry the treats for its customers.

Angus Helps William With His

Premature Evacuation Problem

It happens to many a male dog:  The inability to hold enough urine in his bladder to properly spray every bush, rock and interesting solid object along a walking route.   In William’s case, this embarrassing problem was related to the culture he grew up in.

When he went out on a trail, Willy would thoroughly soak the first 2 objects of his interest, leaving him with nothing but a ‘dry lift’ for the rest of the hike.  Any creature following William’s path would believe he never made it past the second object!

The Wise and Experienced Angus
The Wise and Experienced Angus

Fortunately, Angus the senior male and the King of Run A Muck Ranch found it in his heart to show Willy the err of his ways.  Through careful coaching, demonstration, training, stretching  and calisthenics, all done to the song Eye of the Tiger,  Angus taught Willy not to empty his bladder on the first bush he sees, but rather spread it out to show a more powerful presence.

The student has become the master at on-the-trail leg lifting.
The student has become the master at on-the-trail leg lifting.

Indeed, the introduction to American competitive peeing has contributed significantly to the more controllable behavior of Willy in the wilderness.  If so much as a fly lifts its leg anywhere in the vicinity, Willy now has to add a few of his own drops to the mix, thereby keeping him from running off.

In  related story, William is no longer the focus of hike videos as he can’t go more than a few feet without peeing on something.

Crabby Learns the Hard Way that

Affection Can Save a Life

At The Ranch, an invisible line exists around The Crabby Man that is not to be crossed by anyone for cuddle purposes, with the exception of Maude and Emmi, and occasionally Sarah.

On a recent camping trip with Mortimer, Crabby learned the lifesaving value of the cuddle, and hopefully the err of his ways at home.

Morty leading the way in The Supersitions.  Note he has his own backpack.
Morty leading the way in The superstitions. Note he has his own backpack. Pic courtesy of Troy D.

Seems that very, very, very cold night in the Superstition Mountains, upon entering the 1 man and a pup tent, Mortimer positioned himself outside the perceived invisible line, curled up nose under tail, and despite all attempts of Crabby to get him to snuggle up and emit some body heat, Morty refused.  Crabby was left, shivering for the entire night, in a substandard sleeping bag.  At one point, he thought he would die of hypothermia.

It is hoped, that for his own safety, Crabby will learn from his past mistakes and understand that he who cuddles on the couch at home will be kept warm in a 1 man and a pup tent.

Note Crabby's backpack is significantly larger than Morty's.  Pic courtesy of Troy D.
Crabby, a friend and Morty.  Pic courtesy of Troy D.

In a related story, the heater at The Ranch no longer works.  But still, on the night Crabby was freezing with a warm, furry body, oh, so close, Crazy had to open the window in the bedroom to cool down, despite the mercury dropping to freezing levels.   With Vito, Hector and DASH! at her feet, Franky and Angus puppy cuddling at her neck, and Slugger and Sarah smooshed against her left and right sides respectively, the temperature at Crazy’s person, despite no working heater in the house, became so high that venting the room with freezing air was the only comfort option.

While Crabby may freeze to death one day, Crazy won’t.

She who cuddles often will never freeze.
She who cuddles often will never freeze.

Vito Body-Checks Miniature Poodle;

Fired as Rental Dog!

In a disappointing show of behavior, Vito has been fired as a Rental Dog.

According to his Rental Mom, for the past several weeks, Vito had been body-checking Minnie, the 7 year old Miniature Poodle.

For nearly a year, Vito had visited with Minnie and her Mom, every Monday. His job was to provide canine companionship to the similarly sized Minnie, as well as comic relief to Minnie’s elderly Mom.

Vito’s job description soon expanded to that of protector, keeping watch on such dangerous people as the pool guy and cleaning lady. In fact, there was one incident where the cleaning lady made a move on Minnie, perceived as threatening to Vito, and Vito rushed in. From that day forward, the cleaning lady would not work on days Vito was visiting, citing his attack and declaring him dangerous.

At some point, Vito decided that he wanted Minnie to play in a more boy-like fashion, a fashion Minnie found unbecoming a lady. The result became Vito’s constant body checking of Minnie and Minnie hiding under the bed when Vito visited.

When asked why Minnie’s Mom waited so long to report the bad behavior and to decline on further visits, she replied “I was afraid you (The Crazy Dog Lady) would quit as my landscaper.”

When assured that was never a threat, Minnie’s Mom asked if there was a smaller, gentler dog that could take Vito’s place. At this time, The Crazy Dog Lady is recommending Sarah, who is both gentler and, at least in her mind, significantly smaller. It will be interesting to see if Minnie’s Mom sees the humour in the description if and when she meets Sarah after the holidays.

Sarah Shows Significant Improvement

Despite No Change in Meds

In an unusual and yet happy turn of events, Sarah has shown significant improvement in her health, despite no change in meds.

Where her gait was uneven, with a very loud thump when her right front foot hit the ground, it was noted of late that all 4 feet are hitting nearly equally. Additionally, she is stumbling less and is jumping on the bed on her own. Finally, she is partaking in Idiot Games in the back yard with team Slugger/Emmi/Morty, playing as if she is perfectly sound.

Because of the unexplained improvement, Sarah’s Fluconozole is being increased in an attempt to at least get rid of the Valley Fever. Previously, higher doses of the medication made her sick. Currently, however, she is tolerating the increase well.

Many good thoughts to Sarah that she may continue to improve!



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