Walking With Willy Episode 1

Guess who’s playing off leash in the desert now?

This is episode 1 of 4 showing how Mr. William has made a complete turnaround with no training.   Episode 2 will be uploaded next week.

Couple of tidbits in the video that may need further mention:

1.  The blog entry discussing the possibility of a genetic component to Willy’s behavior can be found at


2.  Episode 4, where Willy goes off-leash for the first time, was during the 3rd week of his canine prozac.  It takes 4-6 weeks for the medication to kick in.  During his improvements on the trail, there were also improvements in the home, all occurring before the full effect of the medication took effect.  I attribute these improvements to an increase in Willy’s confidence level, said increase in confidence I sincerely believe is related to what happened out on the trail.

We have not run out of our first script of the meds yet.  I am entertaining the idea of taking him off  once we run out.  Medicating Willy was never a cure, it was just an aid.

6 thoughts on “Walking With Willy Episode 1

  1. Dont know about dogs but with people you should never just stop taking antidepressants. Instead one should be tappered off of the medication over a few weeks time.

    1. No worries Jan! Already been discussed with the vet during our generic “Every 3rd Friday of the Month, at least one dog goes in” visit. Because Willy has not been on the meds for very long, if we try him off, weaning would be a lot easier. When I get within 10 days of the end of the script, he will drop to 1/2 dose. Then we watch him from there.

  2. I live in outback South Australia right on the very edge of the city. Between my house and the next town is some 100 klms. However, letting the dogs off the lead (also 15 feet)i s not really an option because the place is frequented by Kangaroos – and despite what you might think – they are well equipped to dealing with enemies or those that threaten them. They could kill the dogs without breaking a sweat. Kangaroos in the wild only look sweet and docile.

    1. Well, we don’t get many Kangaroos around these parts… Actually, it isn’t so much the coyotes or bobcats that worry me, it’s the Javelinas. Yes, little dogs are at risk from the first 2, which is why it is a time of day issue with their walks, but a Javelina would take on all 12 if he feels threatened, worse if one of the babies are threatened. Fortunately in all counts, unless it is the little ones on an early morning walk, which can’t happen anymore, any wildlife out there heads for the hills when they see our kids coming.

      Also, if The Discovery Channel is accurate, Austrailia still has some ‘environment’ left. Arizona is a Build Baby Build state that only talks about conservation issues. We are at the bottom of the ranking as far as quality of natural areas. We have Bulldozed, ATV’d and shot up every last pristine area to the point most people don’t even realize what pristine was.

      The Mexican side is in much better shape ecologically.

      End of depressed tree hugger rant…

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