What Does Ass-U-Me-ing Do?

I am letting the cat out of the bag prematurely here, but something happened this morning that has to be told.

Today was Willy’s second try completely off leash.  No line attached to me, no line dragging behind Willy.  Just a free Willy.

Before I go into what happened, I need to explain the scene:  The event occurred on an access road.  The road is rarely travelled, it is at least 12 feet wide, and runs in a straight line for at least 1/2 mile.  You have seen it in previous videos, but here it is again:

Maude, Sarah, Angus and I were trailing behind Willy when he hit the road and turned left, in the direction of the Waggin’ Wagon.   The access road runs perpendicular to the trail we were travelling on.   There were bushes at the end of the trail that blocked my view of Willy.

All of the sudden, I hear this shriek coming from Willy’s location, followed by a quick succession of loud yips.  Suddenly, and without warning, Willy blasts down the road, heading from left to right, scream yipping with every stride.

Naturally, I “ass-u-med” he was chasing something, and ran the last part of the trail to get to the road.  By the time I got there, Willy was just a dot in the distance, still sprinting, still scream yipping.



Where we were was away from travelled roads, but where Willy was heading was putting him pretty darned close to car traffic.  All I could do was sprint after him screaming his name until I lost him in the distance, still hearing faint screaming yips.

I ran back to the Waggin’ Waggon, intending to drive after him when I noticed the screaming yips were getting louder again.

I looked over my shoulder, and in the distance was a dot coming in our direction at a speed faster than I ever thought physically possible out of Willy, with an ever-increasing volume of screaming yips.  It didn’t take long for Willy to reach and pass the Waggin” Wagon at the speed of light, shrieking all the way.


About 100 feet past the Waggin’ Wagon, Willy came to a stop, turned, and trotted calmly back to the rest of the pack.

Willy wasn’t chasing anything.   This was probably the first time in his life he has been able to run as fast as he could, vocalizing as loud as he could, just for the fun of it.

Way to go Willy!  Only next time, give your old Mom a little warning ahead of time so she  a) doesn’t panic, and b) can get it on tape.


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