Happy Boy!


My Sweet William 🙂


6 thoughts on “Happy Boy!

    1. He is really getting better about getting his picture taken! We would have more if only he would get the ‘don’t kill me’ expression off his face whenever we point a camera at him!

      1. If you only look at his still shots, you would think we beat him all day! The videos show a totally different kid. But he is getting better with the camera. Soon he will have the same look of ‘what-e-ver’ the other ones do. I had a really cute one of him on his back poking me with his paw, with a view straight down from above. Unfortunately, the camera focused on the paw and not the goofy face. Grrrr! It would have been a good one.

  1. Great story! Full of drama and anticipation. I was truly worried and then so glad for such a happy ending. It struck me as another version of “Free Willy.” Thanks!!

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