The Great Snickerdoodle Caper

I was going to hold this back for the next news bulletin, but it got too lengthy for that use, so here it is in its full glory as a stand alone:

A couple days ago, I happened to get home early from work and decided to bake The Crabby Man his beloved Snickerdoodles.  I had planned for them to be still warm from the oven when Crabby got home.  But alas, sometimes things don’t go as planned.

I had only left the kitchen for a couple minutes, but when I returned, all that was left of the Snickerdoodles were crumbs.  In the center of the kitchen, a safe distance from the counter,  sat Morty, licking his chops, yet looking oh so innocent.

All that was left of the Snickerdoodles were the crumbs...
All that was left of the Snickerdoodles were the crumbs…

There was no need for a trial to convict Morty of the crime.  He was the only dog in the house at the time.  If an alien, home invader or other outside responsible party entered the house, our built-in k9 alarm system would have sounded off once said entity stepped on the property, but no such alarm was heard.  Morty was as guilty as guilty gets.   Just look at his expression when Crabby confronted him with his crime:

Does this look like the face of an innocent dog?
Does this look like the face of an innocent dog?

Click on the picture to enlarge it if you can’t see Morty’s eyes.  They are priceless!

Crabby and Morty discussed the crime as follows:



Something to note in the little exchange between Morty and his dad is that Morty didn’t actually promise never to take food from the counter again.  Indeed, the very next night I made jerky for the dogs and left it to cool on top of the stove.  Once again Mortimer helped himself.

I baked peanut butter cookies tonight (look at me go!), said cookies set to cool far out of reach of Mr. Mortimer, much to his dismay. Oh the days when none of the dogs could reach the counters….


8 thoughts on “The Great Snickerdoodle Caper

  1. hahahaha
    The video had me laughing, really nice.
    He looked innocent but since there was no one else to blame he had no escape.
    At home Doggy is doomed, being the only dog he cannot play the innocent card, but he still tries.

  2. Usually the little ones convince one of the larger ones to reach something higher up for the benefit of said little ones. Just never before have we had one large enough to take things from the counter. If any of the little ones had been in the kitchen at the time of the theft, I would have believed Morty was set up .

    Can’t blame your Doggy for trying! Perhaps he needs a partner in crime to share the blame…

  3. Hhaha I love your blog picture. Woman, man, dog, dog, dog, dog, dog, dog, dog, dog, dog dog, dog……….and one more dog! How do you do it! Thanks for the inspiration none the less! Looking forward to getting to know you!

  4. The scarey thing is, I thought I had lost the original Morty (#12) sticker, so I got another one. There is actually an unused 13th sticker sitting in a kitchen drawer. Hopefully it is not a premonition…

    As far as how we do it.. we still aren’t sure 🙂

  5. Chuckle, our corgi Angus just needs to stand up on his stump back legs, with his stumpy short legs on the cabinet, then look ever so shyly up and over his shoulder, and suddenly any human in the vicinity brings whatever he wants off the counter down to his level 🙂

    How did Dylan manage to get to the salmon???

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