The Unexpected Comfort Dog

The Crazy Dog Lady has been sick as a proverbial dog since Friday.   The Crabby Man had a camping trip planned with some friends, including one from out-of-town, so I didn’t actually let on how sick I was so he wouldn’t feel he had to stay home with me.

But still,  everyone wants a little sympathy when they don’t feel well, and absent Crabby, I had 12 possibilities.

Despite the extra luvins showered on any or all of the kids when THEY are feeling poorly, did any of them step up when Mom was not well?

Out of 12 of them, only 1 (one) stepped up to comfort me.

Was it one of the small to mid-sized ones who always want to snuggle up to me?  Nope.

Was it Sweet William offering the cool yet comforting sensation of his winter coat?  Negatory.

Was it Maude, who I have loved and spoiled for 13 years?  Nay I say!

What about gentle Sare Bear?  Let me put it this way:  I ended up on the dog beds on the floor since I was too weak to get her off the couch so I could lay down.

Out of all 12 of them, which one wanted so desperately for Mom to feel better?  It was Mortimer.


Morty did not leave me until I started to feel better this morning.  Sweet Morty, my new favorite, looking at me with such concern, not even wanting to play with Slugger if I was in need.

Can you see the concern in his eyes?
Can you see the concern in his eyes?

Bummer is, do you have ANY IDEA what it is like to have an 80+ pound dog refuse to remove himself from your person, especially your mid section, when you are suffering from a nasty stomach bug?  What about when you are trying to sit upright and that same 80+ pounds decides to leap into your lap after first punching you in the stomach with his front paws?

But he was trying so hard!  I didn’t have the heart (or the strength actually) to push him away.

I love you to pieces Morty and I give you an A++  for effort, but next time, do me a favor and play with Slugger instead.  Your healing thoughts are good enough for me.


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