Monkey on My Back

The phrase “Monkey on your back” has 3 dictionary definitions, all of them negative:

1.  To have an addiction, especially a drug addiction.

2.  To have some very burdensome nuisance you have to put up with–in a sense wider than just a drug or other addiction.

3.  To have a deep, uncontrollable desire to something such as Gamble, Smoke, or Drink.

I would like to submit a 4th definition:

To have the unconditional love of a creature who has no capacity to judge, no concept of being cruel, and lives every day with wonder and humor.

I for one NEVER want to lose the monkey on my back.


4 thoughts on “Monkey on My Back

  1. DASH! has always had this propensity to stand on my back, right from the first day I brought him home from the parking lot I found him in, ergo, he became my “Monkey Dog” pretty early on.

    To this day I am absolutely mystefied as to why no one responded to his found posters. So much zing and personality in such a little body… anyone throwing him away had to be insane! Though I do have to say, thank goodness for that particular insane person 🙂

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