Franky Rides Shotgun

Usually, Franky is our navigator, propping himself on the “Franky Shelf” (the center console) between the front seats, carefully scanning the way for oncoming trouble and making sure the driver is alert with his attention on the road.

As you can see, sometimes he fails in his duties.


8 thoughts on “Franky Rides Shotgun

  1. Litchi loves to ride shotgun like that as well, although she’s never done the cute fall asleep bit. She does insist on putting her paw on my arm whilst driving though (I think she figures she’s steering the way). That video is too cute.

    1. Franky had never been that snoozy on the job before, even with longer hikes and longer drives. I guess we just caught him in a moment.

      He is only about 3 or 4 ish… not old enough to get a driver’s license, so he isn’t allowed to touch the controls 🙂

  2. My little one curls up in my lap and goes to sleep, but this is Australia and we have laws against everything and it is now against the law to have an unrestrained dog in a car – same penalty as having an unsecured child. We like to take the fun out of everything – it’s what governments do in a nanny state. :o) And yes, he still sleeps on my lap…..

    1. I was raised before car seats, I rode a bike without a helmet, and when “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” was read to me, Santa smoked a pipe… and I have somehow lived to tell about it! Then again, I now have 12 dogs… so maybe if my parents put me in a car seat when I was little I would have been normal now…

      We were actually today discussing the need for a gate in the Waggin’ Waggon to prevent any of the kids from jumping up front when the vehicle is moving. Doesn’t do us any good to be able to load 12 kids in the Jeep only to crash before we get to our destination because one of them absolutely had to help drive.

      That being said, if I happen to have a little one in the vehicle, and said little one wants to cuddle up on my lap when I drive, who am I to stop him? 🙂

      1. Putting you in a car seat would have had no more effect on your not being “normal” than putting you into a tutu and expecting you enjoy it. You have always worked diligently at NOT being normal. As for the the proper way to travel with a dog, Harley has a booster seat that is strapped to a seat belt and he wears a safety harness that also straps him to the seat belt – – now if I could just get him to use them (Same effect as expecting you to be normal). For “rides around the block”, he insists on being in my lap so he can hang his head out the window but, he is at least strapped to my seat belt.

      2. @dickvipp I seem to recal a picture of you dangling me upside down as a baby… perhaps I was dropped after the picture was taken?

  3. Sparky, my Jack Russel mix maintains that he must either be sitting on my left thigh if I’m driving, my righ thigh if I’m not, or on rare occasions if he feels we are bing followed he will maintain position in the back window…but usually he is protecting me from the side lol If he isn’t in one of those three places he is crying and carrying on so much it’s a distraction to the driver lol so it’s just safer all around to give in and let him sit where he wants 🙂

    1. I think more and more states are going the way of Edgar62’s Australia in requiring dogs being restrained in cars. I can already hear the collective wimpers of small dogs everywhere whose hearts will be broken when they can no longer “help’ with the driving…

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