Unbelievable! What is WRONG with people! Read up on the newest ‘bully’ breed that will be appearing at a shelter near you… Make sure to alert those who take medical dogs because these guys look like they are going to need a lot of help.

Polos & Pearls

This morning, as I was feeding Little Bear, I was scrolling through Facebook as I always do. I came across a picture that I, for some reason, felt compelled to comment on:

My opinion of this picture was basically this; that it made me sad to see such a young puppy with his ears cropped, and also that the adult dog was, frankly, hideous. I think the specific words I used were “an abomination of irresponsible breeding”. Maybe that phrase was a little dramatic but, at that moment, that’s how I felt. A big part of me feels incredibly and intensely sorry that poor dog. He has obviously been bred for the specific reason of looking like that (I say that because how do you even describe that look? Seriously, if he were a human he would be a cast member on the Jersey Shore.), and for no other reason…

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  1. Thank you for the reblog. I can’t stand the emergence of new “designer” breeds, a mutt is a mutt is a mutt. But usually they’re accidents and bring out the best of their particular cocktail of breeds. That thing is just….ew! I actually read somewhere that the original breeder of Labradoodles regretted doing so because of the emergence of “designer” breeds and how his “breed” (which he readily admitted is in no way a purebred) hadn’t been created to become a fad but to help people with allergies!

    Here’s the original link to the photo:

    1. Thank you for the link Becky

      I have left my 2cents as well:

      “Awsome! Not only do we get a designer breed of a dog that is already under siege, we get one that will be more attractive, based on it’s touger appearance, to fighters. As I am waiting for the collateral damage to show up at my local pound, to be killed, at least at the rate of pitulls, I shall ponder how well both dogs in the picture recovered after their mutilations!”

      PS: Haven’t you ever head The Crazy Dog Lady’s PC term for ‘mutts”? They are Perfection Hounds, a little of the best of everything! 🙂

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