Hector Attacked by Coyote

So I took the little ones,  Hector, Vito, Franky and DASH!  , to the Half Pipes one evening.  Since it was evening, and, well, you never know, I also took Maude as coyote deterrent in the unlikely event we should encounter one.

Hector getting his move on.

Let’s fast forward to the point where we are returning the Waggin’ Wagon:  Vito, Franky and DASH! were in front of me. Maude was by my side.  Hector was trailing, maybe 15 to 20 feet behind.

I heard what sounded like a cross between a whoopee cushion and a squeaky toy coming from Hector’s location. I turned and saw Hector, his shoulders clamped in the jaws of a coyote.

I quickly looked toward the other kids to make sure they were OK before I took action, and in the time it took to take said glance, the coyote went from jaws on Hector’s shoulders to rolling on the ground with him in what can only be described as mortal combat.

Maude, the coyote deterrent, did nothing other than to observe the events unfolding.   DASH! , apparently sensing the danger, went to stand under Maude, where he too watched the events.

Maude may not be able to deter a coyote anymore, but we still love her.

Thing about Vito, he may be tiny, but he doesn’t know it.  I have said it before and I will say it again, when Vito is around, No one messes with the family…  NO ONE!  And that includes coyotes.   Without hesitation, he went into action, running to Hector’s aid.

I wish Vito would understand he has certain physical challenges to being the superhero he believes he is.

If Vito’s actions weren’t bad enough (from the standpoint of his Mom, that is) at his heels went Franky, the other chi-mix, ready to rumble on behalf of his brother.

What were you thinking Franky?!?!

So imagine if you will, this scenario, from the coyote’s perspective:

You see a chunky little piece of meat traipsing through the desert.  It is only 1/4 your size, so what the heck!  You pounce on the morsel.

What you do not expect is that this particular morsel is not chunky in a succulent, fat sence, but in a muscular,  bar room brawler one.   It doesn’t act like other prey, going into a panic, facilitating an easier  kill.  Nope, this particular prey item gets pissed.

By the time you realize your mistake and attempt a hasty retreat, the potential food item is now pursuing you, and you are then tackled to the ground.   Next thing you know, 2 Chihuahuas, one freaky crazy, and one sporting a nasty underbite, are coming at you, followed by a hysterical she human, flapping her arms and shrieking.

Franky and Hector, they can outrun me.  Vito on the other hand, never before, until that moment.  I tell you what, he wanted a piece of that coyote real bad, said coyote, at this point desperately running for his life.   Unfortunately for me, Hector, Vito and Franky were not going to let him off that easy and they continued their pursuit.

I did rein the boys in, and we hastily made our way back to Maude and DASH! , both where they were when the incident originally started, untouched and unharmed.  Maude standing with DASH! sitting underneath her.  When push comes to shove, Maude did her job in protecting DASH!.

With the aforementioned kids accounted for,  I did a visual inspection of the other 3.  Hector and Vito I knew to have had contact with the coyote, Franky I wasn’t sure.  Franky and Vito were fine, but Hector had blood on his face.  I hadn’t stopped freaking yet as it was, and well, seeing blood on Hector’s face raised it to another notch… until I realized, it wasn’t Hector’s blood.  It was the coyote’s.

Yes, I am a Crazy Dog Lady, with an emphasis on Crazy, and I did briefly entertain the idea of attempting to track the coyote to see if it needed veterinary care, but I decided the better option would be to get my kids home safe.

Now, you may read this as an incredible story of 3 fearless little dogs, 2 defending the other, with a happy ending.  With respect to the Run A Muck Ranch kids, you are correct.  But dog bites get infected…  so I remain worried about the coyote.

But this is yet another story of human stupidity and irresponsibility.  The coyote density has increased exponentially over the last few years, due to the actions of other stupid humans, creating more human/domestic animal/coyote contact.   The signs were there, yet I ignored them and exposed my little boys to danger.  That is wholly and completely unforgivable.

As witty as the story of the doxi and chi mix rumble gang may be, I came very close to losing my Hector.   Had there been more than 1 coyote, I could have also lost one or more of the other boys.

I assure you, that will NEVER happen again.

I beg you, the reader, not to send bad vibes to the coyote tribe.  They are not responsible for my kids, I am.

11 thoughts on “Hector Attacked by Coyote

  1. I’m sure the coyote is fine, but I worry about all critters.

    We got lucky, that is all. I am in the process of refining our ‘outings’ proceedure to insure that the kids are never exposed to that danger again.

  2. All but 2 of my group are in the house, in my room with me tonight. Mostly due to coyotes! Since it is a full moon, or the next best thing the coyotes are out in the field howling like demented little wolves and ALL of my group are trying to howl with them or at them, and my two Great Pyrs are trying to figure out how to go and kill them…the only way I’ll get sleep is if I make them come inside. So glad your boys are ok!!

    1. The reason we can’t have a dog door is for that very reason. The little ones are not allowed in the yard early morning or after dark without several of the larger ones with them. If a coyote so much as walks near the property next door, we know about it – even if it is the middle of the night, we are all, human and k9, inside, and all are sound asleep. One of the kids will sound the alarm. And when one sounds the alarm, they all have to sound the alarm. Ever tried to settle down 12 dogs in the middle of the night when they sence there is an interloper somewhere close to the property? 🙂

      1. hahaha I can one up you lol try it with 15, and a Pyr who doesn’t sleep at night. lol ahhh the joys of rescue & dogs. I don’t think I would live with it any othe way though lol

  3. You and me both. It used to be that we would hear the coyotes occasionally, in the distance, and usually from one direction. Now we are hearing them almost every night from several directions at once and we are seeing them more. I should have known better.

    As stupid as it sounds in retrospect, one of the reasons we really like the area we call the Half Pipes is because it is so degraded you can see great distances. We *thought* there was no way anything – includng people or other dogs- could sneak up on us. That is the case if the coyote came from across the desert, but if one is already in the Half Pipes (a pretty deep wash with several tributaries), you would have to be right on top of a coyote to see him – what happened to Hector is proof of that.

    1. Javelina are our threat, and like pigs, only when provoked. But when provoked, it doesn’t matter how large the dog is, the dog will get hurt bad. In 16 years we haven’t seen a single Javelina anywhere near our home, and never on any of the trails we take. 2012 has been a bad year, first Angus with the rattlesnake in the spring, then Hector with the coyote.

      Thank you for reminding me about the Javelina! If bad luck comes in 3’s, that would be the next stupid human mistake…

  4. My word. How terrifying! Very big of you to admit to the world that you are responsible for your brood. I too, worry about the poor coyote, who was only doing what comes naturally and trying to hunt for food. I hope that it is alright. Very glad to hear everybody on your side is alright. I was in total panic as I read the first part.

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