A Rant by The Crazy Dog Lady – I got bitten again today… Very long, Sorry no pics!

Before I go into the rant, let me throw out a few disclaimers:

Gino is a 4 pound Yorkie.  Every time I do a service on his yard, he bites or tries to bite me.  Now, I grant you, there is only so much space between upper and lower jaw on this little guy, so most “bites” are more like pinches if he ever gets past my pant leg. Incidentally, do you have ANY IDEA how hard it is to do a maintenance on a property dragging a Yorkie on your pant leg?  It’s not as easy as one may think…  But I digress….  Anywho, Gino ankle bites pretty much anyone who goes on his property.  But you won’t hear about this on the news.

Wiley is a Shih tzu mix.  The first time we met, Wiley got me good in the back of the leg.  He put a hole in my jeans, and broke the skin.  It bled pretty good for a while.   I was amazed at how large the wound was given Wiley’s size.   Apparently, I am not the only person  Wiley had bitten, and my injury was not the worst he had inflicted – according to his Mom – but   you won’t hear about that on the news either.

For the life of me, I can not remember the name of the dog that bit me today, so I will call her Cujina.

Cujina actually belongs to the daughter of one of my client’s, who is out of town, ergo, she was at my client’s house.  When Cujina made contact with my leg, I had the wherewithal to stand still and take the threats rather than move and bring out the chase which would have escalated to an attack.  There was no broken skin, no torn clothing.   I thought there would be a bruise, but alas, there was none when I checked.  I made it out unscathed physically, but emotionally, I was pretty pi…  oops!  children may be reading… angry.  Actually, livid.  But not for the reason you might think.  Before I get to that reason, here is another little fun fact:  Earlier in the day, the pool cleaner had to jump the wall to get away from Cujina.

There is no doubt in my mind that if I had run, she would have done some serious damage to my person.  Ain’t no way I would have been able to clear the wall like the pool guy.  I’m not that limber!  But if she had done damage to me, you wouldn’t have heard it on the news, for the protection of my own family – more on that shortly.  However, if she got a hold of the pool guy, you better believe you would have heard about it on the news!  Want to know why?  Cujina is a pit bull mix.  Any incident involving a pit bull makes it on the news.

Pit bulls already have a bad rap.  Opponents of the breed drool over the possibility of dogs like Cujina getting loose, and when that happens, it is yet more ammunition in the war to enact Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), and that, readers, means Cujina is a threat to my Sarah and the memory of my Otis, both purebred pit bulls, and to my Slugger, who is a pit mix.  THAT is what makes me livid.

The Trouble with Tribbles here is that too often, people get dogs and then relegate them to the status of a hamster, with the home and the yard being the cage.  That is the world Cujina lives in.  ANY dog kept in these circumstances is a bite threat when they get loose, or in the case of Cujina, when they encounter a stranger.

Where serial biters such as Gino or Wiley, or just about any small to mid-sized dog get a free ride, larger dogs don’t.  In the case of a pit bull, the news agencies can’t get to the scene fast enough.  Doesn’t matter that you are more likely to get bitten by smaller dogs than a pit bull, the pit bull is the villan, and it isn’t just the biting dogl, it is ALL pit bulls.  Doesn’t matter if the dog only has 1/100th pit bull in the bloodline, if he or she only looks “pitish”, it is a pit bull.

Cujina’s person may say, “Cujina never gets loose, therefore, there is no problem!”  To Cujina’s person I say this, “What if Cujina bit the pool guy rather than me?  It wouldn’t have been just you who was responsible, it would be your parents as well.  And it wouldn’t just be Cujina who got the publicity, it would be Sarah, Slugger, and every other pit bull or “pitish” looking dog in the viewing area.”

I’m pretty sure Cujina’s person doesn’t have a clue about the number of pit bulls and pit mixes, who have done nothing wrong, murdered due to BSL, legislation brought about by the press’ need to over report any incident involving the breed, mixes of the breed, or dogs that just look like they might be related to the breed, but you can be rest assured I and others who love their pits do.

I am pretty sure she doesn’t realize that if for some reason she has to give Cujina up, the poor girl is as good as dead.  No rescue’s insurance will cover her because of her behavior (she WILL fear bite), and if she ends up in the pound, she won’t even make it to the e-list – she will be immediately killed.  That’s so not fair!

To Cujina’s person I have this message:

Your dog is a loaded gun just waiting to go off and it is your doing, not hers.   It is irresponsible of you to let her become like this.  It goes without saying that it is irresponsible of you to expose your own parents to the kind of liability that could have resulted today had Cujina bitten the pool guy.   It is irresponsible people like you who cause the disasters that result in threats to responsible pit bull people, and their loving and gentle pits everywhere.   Every time a pit attack makes it on the front page, the number of public places we are able to take our pit bulls is reduced, and that isn’t fair to us, or our dogs, who have done nothing wrong.

Get your dog trained and socialized,  and when she is comfortable and safe around people outside your home, then include her in your life by taking her places.   She is not a hamster!

I am seriously worried about Cujina.  Problem is, we already have 12 – we can’t take another one.  Yup, I am that much a Crazy Dog Lady that I would take this dog in to save her… if we didn’t already have 12.

10 thoughts on “A Rant by The Crazy Dog Lady – I got bitten again today… Very long, Sorry no pics!

  1. Amen! We will never be able to end BSL or not feel the discrimination that our dogs receive until all pibble owners take the time to make their dog an ambassador for the breed. My Rooney is as sweet as pie…but he’s also crazy! He’s never met a stranger, but unfortunately every new person he sees sets him into zoomie mode. He gets this stupid grin on his face, wags his entire body, and then proceeds to jump on whoever is nearest. It’s really embarrassing, and forces me to say to people all the time that no they cannot pet my dog. But we’re working on it. And we will continue to work on it until he can calmly greet the people he so badly wants to meet. And I do it because I want people to see him as a great example of his breed (he’s a purebred AmStaff). And also because someone could take his excitement the wrong way, and I know that as a pittie owner I have to work doubly hard to make people see my dog they way he should be seen.

    See..now you’ve got me on a rant!!! lol Great post!

    1. I know what you mean about people taking Rooney’s excitement the wrong way. Our Sarah adores everyone. Her neck problem contributes to a weird gait. So when she is saying “Howdy!” she does so by running up with the perpetual ‘stupid grin’ with her legs flailing in all different directions. Sarah isn’t crazy – she is very sweet and gentle when she reaches her intended new friend, but I wonder if a pit hater would take her greeting as an ‘attack’ or ‘aggression’. I also wonder how many other ‘attacks’ were actually happy pitties just wanting to say “Hi!” with the intended new friend reacting with aggression….

  2. Amen, amen, aMEN! You are exactly right, sadly the owner’s are probably completely oblivious to the struggles surrounding pit bulls and the way they are discriminated against. It is so frustrating to see people, knowing or unknowingly undoing the work that so many of adovocates work so hard for. I’m not glad you got bit, but I am glad it was you instead of the pool guy. Thank you so much for sharing this story. And for what it’s worth, I would have wanted to take her too, just like you.

  3. ANY dog in the same ‘hamster’ living conditions would react the same way. Just a shame that where others are forgiven, pit bulls are persecuted…

  4. Unfortunately, you are very right. When a small breed dog bites a person (which is still never acceptable in my opinion unless they are hurt or injured in some way), like you pointed out, most times little damage is done and people are quick to say, “Oh, he’s so little, it’s no big deal.” No media is called, no dog is killed for its behavior and the little beast continues to bite.

    With a pit bull, like you very eloquently pointed out, if one bites a person ALL pit bull type dogs are put under the magnifying glass. One untrained, unsocialized dog can do a lot of damage, not just to the person bitten or attacked, but to all the pit bull breed types as a whole. I, like you, become enraged at owners who either a) didn’t train/socialize the dog or b) keep the dog isolated because they were too lazy/overwhelmed/uncaring to ask for help in changing the behavior or c) ignore the behavior and continue to put the dog in compromising situations , knowing that eventually the dog will fail. Not fair to the dog, not fair to other pit bull owners who are responsible, conscientious and who have lovely dogs who could very easily be taken away and killed because of mass hysteria caused by one preventable instance.

    Okay, my rant over. I will say that Grimm and my other pit bull Zella are working hard to change perceptions. Austin is a pretty friendly pit bull town and we want to keep it that way. Excellent post!

    1. Some day maybe people will see the truth… my Sarah also works hard (actually, she doesn’t have to try all that hard) to change perceptions. For some reason, we seem to end up with the Ultra Mellow pitties. She is exactly like our Otis who passed away a few years back. Never overbearing and with a face that absolutely, positively needs to be squished and kissed, even by strangers 🙂

  5. Absolutely correct. Many many people get pits or pit mixes and never ever consider the fact that the way they raise their dog reflects on all the other dogs of the same breed. I have had two pits, one, a tiny puppy that showed up in my yard. I fed him but left him outside because I thought the owners might come looking for him. He was having a blast playing, running and chasing my little boys. I didn’t have him a day when the police showed up and told me I had to get a license and chain him or I would get a huge fine. My neighbors had called them. Tried explaining that he was a little bitty puppy. No, he was a dangerous dog. There was no way I could keep him with neighbors like I had. I took him to friends who had less paranoid neighbors.

    1. I am sorry that happened to you, and to the puppy!

      There was a news story in the not too distant past about a 4 pound Chihuahua who bit a mail carrier in Cananda. The gist of the story is that for the crime, the Chi was labled a dangerous dog, had to be muzzled in public, restrained when people were on his property and his humans had to buy additional liability insurance as a result. The comments on the story were more or less what a ‘joke’ it was to label a 4 pound dog a ‘dangerous dog’.

      Thing is, you are more likely to be bitten by a Chihuahua than a pit bull. Additionally, temperament wise, pit bulls list better than Chihuahuas, at least when they are raised with love. But still, a dangerous Chihuahua is a joke, but a harmless pit bull is a danger. Sigh…

  6. Actually… we have 10 that love the UPS guy and the meter reader, so I have to *assume* they would be equally inviting of a mail carrier. Vito would be overly friendly as well, provided said mail carrier didn’t make any moves to threaten the family. Maude would be the only one I would be concerned about.

    I never said my kids were normal 🙂

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