When Aloof Dogs Get Loof

I want to describe to you an incident that occurred last week:

I was sitting on the center of the couch.  To my left was The Crabby Man, Hector and DASH!   with various parts of the two k9’s sprawled half on me, half on The Crabby Man.  To my right were Gracie and Franky, Gracie part on, part off of my person, and Franky in a full stretch taking up as much couch space as a chi-mix could possibly take (Chihuahua people understand they can take up freakishly large amounts of space if they want to!)

Basically, all available space, except for the exact center of my lap was taken.

Enter Willy:

Willy made his way onto the couch via the right arm, stepping on Franky.  He then proceeded to step around Gracie as he made his way to that central part of my lap, the only available real estate.  After reaching his goal, he firmly affixed his buttocks to my lap and proceeded to wiggle said butt, removing the parts of Gracie, Hector and DASH! that were still encroaching.  Hector refused to yield, and was thusly laid upon as Willy made himself comfortable.   Willy then briefly laid his head on The Crabby Man’s leg.

Meanwhile, in disgust, Franky left the couch, leaving the far right side vacant, and Sarah took advantage.  All 70 pounds of her squeezed onto the available space, with her butt squashing Gracie, completely crushing Willy’s tail, and partially pushing him out of my lap.

What did Willy do at that point? Did he freak because too many life forms were in his personal space?  Did he get all down and dirty because someone broke the taboo and was not just touching his tail, but crushing it?  Did he get all snarly and vocal because all was not right in the Willy World that we have all come to know and respect?

None of the above.

Willy braced himself and dug in.  He WAS NOT going to give up his spot!

And from that day forward, well, I don’t think we could beat him off with a stick if we wanted to.

The first time Willy decided luvins was preferred to his personal space.  Pic taken back in August.  All he had was the arm couch, and he took it. It was so out of character, yup, we took a picture.
From the same “incident’, note he has come off the arm and is squashing me. (Tummy up!) Note he isn’t reacting to my trying to push him off. (GASP! Aggressive behavior by a human that usually is met with defensive behavior by Willy!) I ended up letting him stay. It was his first couch cuddle, after all 🙂
Willy’s day spot.
Not the most flattering image, but I wanted to show the “palpable stress” Willy suffers on a daily basis.


I may be wrong, but I think Sweet William likes his new life 🙂


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