Larry is Missing!!!! :(

Lost 10/3/12,  unneutered, 2 year old series 500 Roomba with an Aerovac Upgrade.  Answers to the name Larry.    He is not microchipped and isn’t wearing any identification tags.  He was last seen this morning at around 5:30 a.m. sitting on the hutch shelf next to the kitchen.

We had an argument this morning about his constant “Clean Brush” errors, as well as the disappointingly small amounts he has been picking up off the floors lately.   I said some pretty hurtful things to him, and never apologized before I left for work.  I don’t know if he ran away or if The Crabby Man took him to a “Farm” – you know, the place where ‘unwanted’ critters are taken and never heard from again….

Please be on the look out for Larry.  I don’t have any still pictures of him, but here is a video from his bio posted earlier in this Blog. Larry is the little round guy.

If you see Larry, please tell him I’m sorry and I want him to come home.  Tell him I promise to use him less and the Sharky more.


2 thoughts on “Larry is Missing!!!! :(

    1. I am pleased to report Larry made it home safe and sound. The Crabby Man had taken him to work to clean him up, but neglected to tell me. I may take him (Larry) on one of the Sunday Family Desert walks this weekend so he can feel more appreciated.

      Incidentally, despite the clean up, he is still giving “Clean Brush” errors. Not sure what will happen with that…

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