Run A Muck Ranch News Bulletin, 10/01/12

Run A Muck Ranch Dogs Prove to be Dismal Bores When Presented with Every Dog’s Dream

In a show of, well, no show at all, the Run A Muck Ranch dogs proved to be as fun as watching grass grow when presented with a case of 72 tennis balls, a gift from Kim S.

Not even Slugger the Stupid offered up the slightest bit of humor as the balls began to fly.  For his part, Willy, who for the preceding several days had been of good humour, not even offering so much as a growl toward The Crabby Man, became nervous and on guard, even after the balls were picked up.

We find it hard to understand how a crew of k9’s who will,  en masse, play tug o war with underwear and other questionable items, couldn’t give us anything of measurable value to video.

Don’t believe me?  See for yourself….

Sorry you had to watch that.

DASH!  Gives Punxsutawney Phil a Run For His Money

The east coast may have Punxsutawney Phil to give them an estimation as to when the seasons change, Arizona has DASH! to give the precise hour the weather will break.

In 2011, Run A Muck Ranch received the gift of a covered dog bed, rejected by one Stevie Rae McWeiner, a miniature Doxie adopted by a client of The Crazy Dog Lady.  DASH! immediately took to the bed, crawling into the furthest recesses of its’ fluffy softness. Given DASH! ‘s propensity to be quite wired in the cooler months, the bed became known as The Turbo Charger.

There came a time when it appeared DASH! and The Turbo Charger had a parting of the ways in that DASH! stopped using it. No notations were made as to the exact date, but DASH! never so much as sniffed it again.

Until September 19, 2012, when DASH! entered The Turbo Charger, laid down, and then left it. September 19 was the first night where the temperatures dropped to 75 degrees.

The Run A Muck Ranch house air conditioner is set at 83 degrees. Since bedtime temperature was still warmer than that, no windows were open to allow DASH! to smell the impending lower outside temperature.

The behavior was repeated on September 20, and 21. On September 22, the first day of Fall, DASH! entered The Turbo Charger and stayed the night. He has slept in it every night since.

I will be sure to notify locals when DASH!  leaves The Turbo Charger in Spring. When that happens, you can be assured there will be many many 100 degree plus days to follow.

Kudos to Lily, Miss April on the Arizona Golden Retriever Connection 2013 Calender

Run A Muck Ranch, more particularly The Crazy Dog Lady, is pleased to have the acquaintance of Miss April on the Golden Retriever Connection 2013 Calender!  Lily is the failed foster of a client of The Crazy Dog Lady.    Please check her out at

and no, that is not a flower on her head.  Lily has a natural mohawk and her parents like to have fun 🙂

Oh, and while you are checking out Lily’s picture, consider purchasing a calender!  Proceeds are for a great cause!.

The Crazy Dog Lady FINALLY Experiences Every Woman’s Dream!

At age 21, with several years experience at being 21 that is, The Crazy Dog Lady finally experiences every woman’s dream:  2 men fighting over her.  Ok, so one is The Crabby Man, Crazy’s groom of nearly 17 years, and the other is William, the Persian refugee pup who moved in on the 16th wedding anniversary of Crabby and Crazy, but still…

Despite The Crazy Dog Lady’s pleas that her suitors get along, neither will be the bigger man, claiming the other started it.

If pushed to choose between the 2, as is usually the case in such instances, The Crazy Dog Lady will go for the one that always gazes lovingly at her, the one with the beautiful eyes, the one who enjoys watching the sunset with her, the one who gives her his full attention and listens to her, the one who will defend her against all evil with no thought to his own personal safety.

The Crazy Dog Lady will really miss The Crabby Man.

What is up with the people of Scottsdale???

When The Crabby Man is away camping, The Crazy Dog Lady sneaks around.

First it was with William at The promenade in North Scottsdale.  Stunningly, no one so much as glanced in the direction of William, not even at PetSmart.  In the entire stroll around the property, which lasted approximately 1 hour, it didn’t matter that he was all wiggly and eager to meet, not one person so much as offered a smile in Willy’s direction.

Last weekend, it was with Gracie at Desert Ridge.  Again, not so much as an appraising glance at PetsMart, and not so much as a comment on how good she was as we listened to the band at the center of the mall.  Despite Gracie’s eager greeting at anyone that wandered into her vicinity, no one even offered a scritch.

What’s up with that?


2 thoughts on “Run A Muck Ranch News Bulletin, 10/01/12

  1. Always knew Scotsdale was a bit off! Just can’t trust people who don’t want to pet a dog unless they volunteer informationl like they are deathly allergic or something of that nature…

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