Run A Muck Ranch News Bulletin 9/23/12

Vet Calls Vito Fat:  Morty in Fear for his Life. 

Vito has tipped the scales at 12.6 pounds.  For his size, this is overweight and can be especially problematic on his front legs since they are screwed on backward.  Additionally, the vet found one of his back knees is getting loose. Being overweight will only exacerbate the problem.  Therefore, it is necessary that Vito be put on a diet.

This new development is not going over well with Vito, who believes strongly that he should be fed to his imagined size, and not his actual, physical size.

Vito has been found staring at Morty in a most unusual way of late.  We have assured Morty that unless Vito approaches him with a variety of condiments, he should be fine.

Willy and Morty are Free to Roam When Horses are in Stalls. 

With the reinforcement of the stalls, at least when the horses are in said stalls, Willy and Morty no longer have to be tied up, and are free to roam the back yard at will.

Willy now sits in front of the stalls and refuses to move.  Good thing we took the extra effort to give him his freedom.


William Saves The Crabby Man from Giant Spiders

For those who don’t know The Crabby Man, he and spiders don’t mix.  He once jumped from a moving vehicle after finding an arachnid inside.  Problem was, he was driving said moving vehicle at the time…

Where The Crabby Man is terrified of spiders, William appears to hate them.  This is problematic on both counts as it is the season where tarantulas roam.

William dispatched 2 Tarantulas on 2 successive nights before The Crazy Dog Lady could intervene.  However, this particular fellow was saved.  The photo was taken by The Crabby Man, while on the roof of the house, with a tele-photo lens.  The Crazy Dog Lady stood next to the spider holding the flashlight.  Willy was at the window of the back door Cujo drooling, wanting at the offending creature.

Thanks to Willy, The Crabby Man, provided Willy goes out first, will actually  leave the house at night, knowing there is no chance of attack from evil arachnids.


Run A Muck Ranch Gets New Laser Pointer. DASH! No Longer Has To Chase Imaginary Red Dot

The Run A Muck Ranch laser pointer was lost some time last year.  DASH! really loved that red dot…

Since then, DASH! has had frequent moments of frenzy wherein he chased things that weren’t there.  The humans at Run A Muck Ranch explained these episodes as instances where  DASH! was actually chasing flies.  It didn’t matter if no flies were present, that was the story and we stuck to it.  It was better than admitting DASH! was chasing imaginary red dots, which, when you got right down to it, represented an imaginary prey item to begin with.

With the introduction of a new laser pointer, DASH! no longer has to imagine imaginary prey, he can chase real imaginary prey.

In a related story:  Morty, Slugger, Willy, Vito, Hector and Emmi also love the new red dot.  Unfortunately, so many dogs running after a single dot, on new Pergo floors, has led to several multi-dog pile ups against the walls.  No injuries have resulted.

A Ha! Moment at Run A Muck Ranch

The Run A Muck Humans had a recent epiphany as to why sometimes dogs are caught chewing on furniture.  The following Video with audio explains.

When Life Gives you Lemons, Swim in the Lemonade

Having secured the horse stalls to prevent William and/or Morty from harassing the horses, coupled with temperatures plummeting into the 90’s, some of the dogs are requesting to remain outside while The Crazy Dog Lady and The Crabby Man are at work.

One day, Slugger  somehow got into Hal’s stall, but couldn’t  get out.  A leaky waterer requires a bucket placed beneath so as not to flood the stall.

What do you get from this equation:  1 (one) stupid dog that loves water + 1(one) horse with a sence of humor, who adores the stupid dog + 1 (one) full water tub from a leaking automatic waterer?

Slugger was saturated and green.  Hal the horse’s legs, tail and face were equally saturated and green.  The stall was a muddy mess.

It is unknown how long Slugger was trapped in the confines of the horse stall, but from the looks of him, Hal the horse, and the stall itself, great fun was had by all, so at least they made the best of it.

I didn’t get video of the aftermath, so this one from one of our last visits to the waterhole should suffice.

Crazy Dog Lady is Computer Idiot:  Needs Guru To Explain Why Internal Links Aren’t working on Guest Post. 

The Crazy Dog Lady has an awesome guest post written about a cause near and dear to her heart.  Problem is, going through the steps spelled out in WordPress for Dummies and in the WordPress tutorials, the links don’t work.  If there is a volunteer guru out there who can help me with getting the links to work, please respond to


4 thoughts on “Run A Muck Ranch News Bulletin 9/23/12

    1. HIs involvement depends on his mood. Sometimes he chases it, other times he completely ignores it, and still others, he is, as you say, a little confused…

  1. You know Dash has his own poem right?!? I found this today and wanted to share in case you don’t have it!


    I HAVE a dog of Blenheim birth,
    With fine long ears, and full of mirth ;
    And sometimes, running o’er the plain,

    He tumbles on his nose :
    But, quickly jumping up again,

    Like lightning on he goes !
    Tis queer to watch his gambols gay ;
    He’s very loving in his way :
    He even wants to lick your face,
    But that is somewhat out of place.
    ‘Tis well enough your hand to kiss ;
    But Dash is not content with this !
    Howe’er, let all his faults be past,
    I’ll praise him to the very last.

    John Ruskin, April 1830

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