Drum Roll Please…..

The title of Arizona’s Favorite Dog is awarded to


Honestly, I was looking for excuses not to go to the Judging.  It was at a location in an expensive part of Scottsdale.  We don’t even have the clothes to go there!  I had hoped to pawn Slugger off on his Aunt Julie and Uncle Chris, who dress nicer and have better social skills, for the event.  Unfortunately, my one and only full-proof excuse not to go;  a client coming into town, turned out to be later in the month.

Though we did venture south of Bell Road into the bowels of the City, we didn’t really take it seriously.  The title has  been won by a small purebred since the contest began.  What chance did a simple,  flatulent, messy, mixed breed Slug have?  And a pit mix to boot!

Though I did put him up on the people bed the night before so he could get his “Beauty Sleep”, we ended up skipping his planned bath the next day.   Also, since his collar disappeared many moons ago, we stuck Morty’s on him, said collar being covered in mud.

So off went Slugger, in all his mud stained and stinky glory, with Morty’s muddy collar, and his under-dressed parents, to the glitzy side of Scottsdale, to a dog beauty contest, that has never been won by a large dog, let alone a mutt.  But hey, there was also a potential win for the large dog section.  Perhaps the judges would like stubby, stinky and stupid…

Slugger was a little nervous with so many dogs smushed in so small a space – and the music was REALLY loud.
PLEASE Mom, can we go home? These dogs are SCAREY!
Slugger ended up making a friend. This is Riot!. The “!” is part of his name.
Slugger REALLY liked Riot!
And Riot!’s Mom had treats!
Notice Riot! went off to mingle, but Slugger is still charming Riot!’s mom for yet more treats.
Slugger’s Red Carpet Walk to get judged. He was so nervous I had to carry him part of the way.  So much for the confident and aggressive nature of pit bulls…
While in front of the judges, we were supposed to show any tricks or talents the dogs have. This is me in front of the judges telling them that Slugger knows absolutely no tricks and will probably never do anything of measurable value his entire life.

I had pretty much had enough of the Bar Volume music after Slug was done with the judges and was ready to go home.   Crabby said we should hang out a little longer, so we did, but outside.

Small dog winner was named.

Large dog winner was named.

The Crabby Man said, “We can go now”, so we started to leave.

Then we heard, “Dog of the Year goes to Slugger!”.

Shock?  mystification?  Stunned?  Try them and more!

Truth be known, as “Adopt a pound pup” a promoter as I am, if I were a judge, Dog of the Year should have gone to Jesse, winner of the small dog section.  He (or was it she?) was cute, confident and had a lot of tricks up his (or her) sleeve.

But still, giving the award to Slugger is a win for his kind.  Please read the Blog acceptance speech at https://ranchrunamuck.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/what-sluggers-acceptance-speech-would-have-been/.

Poor Slug was exhausted after a couple of hours of beauty “pagenting” and slept most of the way home, after his special treat from Arbie’s, that is.

7 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please…..

    1. He is a big chicken. Once something in the back yard scared him, so he ran behind DASH! (9 pounds) for protection. He also used to be afraid of bunnies. I will admit, he is a lot braver since Morty moved in, but he didn’t have his wing man at this event to watch his back.

  1. I have two dogs a Foxy Lady and a Maltese Terrorist and I wouldn’t be without them. I do some volunteer work with the South Australian Dog Rescue (SADR) and help to get abandoned dogs re-homed by transporting them down to the State Capital (Adelaide) when I have to go down there for meetings.

    1. I like the description “Maltese Terrorist”. I bet he (or she) believes he (or she) is quite fierce! Thank you for helping dogs in need!

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