EDITED VERSION: What Slugger’s Acceptance Speech IS

{September 18, 2012} This original post was titled “What Slugger’s Acceptance Speech Would Have Been” and was written when Slugger fell off the leader board in the Internet Voting segment of the Arizona’s Favorite Dog Contest.

Golly if Slugger didn’t win AZ Dog of the Year!  So, here is the same speech, edited as his acceptance speech.  The speech itself is the same, only this intro has changed.   Hopefully Slugger’s message will make it into AZ Foothills Magazine in it’s article about him.

Thank you for choosing a mutt over the purebreds.  Since all previous winners have been purebreds, your choice goes to show that Arizona realizes it is time for a change.

Slugger is collateral damage from the long-standing belief that purebreds are the most acceptable dogs.   He is the genetic garbage left over from a process that began with an individual or individuals who treated their dogs as their personal ATM machines, breeding for money, as well as a buyer who valued pedigree over all else.  What started as a cash transaction, moved through generations passing from the profiteers to the irresponsible who didn’t spay or neuter their dogs.  As a result, nationwide, pounds are killing dogs, purebreds and mixed breeds, by the millions, each year.

Slugger stands before you as proof that these innocent victims are not collateral damage, and can be recognized as more than genetic garbage.

I met Slugger when he was an older puppy, past the stage of being cute.  He was emaciated.  He had a severe Corona Virus infection and Valley Fever.  He had very little hair due to Demodex and Sarcopic mange.  There were damaged and bloody areas on his body the vet believed were burns, so severe, he still has the physical scars.  His pictures were horrifying.   He was impounded on a Saturday and scheduled to die the next morning.  His execution was stayed through the New Hope program and he was turned over to me that Sunday.

Slugger let go of the cruelties of his past almost immediately and has a personality you have to experience to understand.  He has never met a person he didn’t love, and we have yet to meet a person who didn’t either smile or laugh in his presence.

Slugger was a hard-core case, and I understand why most people would not step up to help him.  But there are hundreds like him that are healthy, right now, sitting in kennels at the pound just hoping someone will come take them home.  If no one does within a certain time frame, they will die, collateral damage, genetic garbage.  Even the purebreds will die if no one comes for them.

There are many others,  sentenced to death for simple upper respiratory infections, illnesses so easy to cure, and costing less than some people spend on a night out.   A few pills and a healthy dog results.  Chances are, you will battle giardia, coccidia or worms with your breeder purchased puppy anyway, then add in the vaccination series, and altering.  Assuming the pound puppy is over 6 months old when you adopt, all vaccinations are provided.  Any dog leaving the pound at any age will already be altered.  When you add it up, treating an upper respiratory infection will actually cost you less at the vet than the necessary vetting you will do after feeding a breeder’s personal ATM machine.

And lets not forget the ones like Slugger.  The ones you can tell just looking at them will cost significantly in vet bills to make healthy.   There is another way to look at that too:  I adore English Bulldogs.  The cost of saving Slugger could have bought me one.  Creating the need for a new puppy vs. saving a dog that was already here.  Which makes more sense? If you are willing to buy a purebred, would you consider using that purchase price to save a “unique hound”? Trust me when I tell you, there are a lot more stories to be told saving one over buying one!  And the bond formed…I love all my dogs equally,  but there is something else with Slugger.

Healthy or not, perfect dogs of all ages are waiting for you, garbage to most, that I promise you, if you just give them a chance, will pay you back in more ways than you can imagine.

And don’t think for a minute that puppies are the wisest choice!  As mom to 12 dogs, the last 2 puppies coming in 12 and 8 years ago, I can speak with authority in telling you adopting an adult dog is definitely the way to go.

I know that Slugger isn’t really Arizona’s Favorite Dog.  He does, however, represent your favorite dog.  The dog you haven’t even met yet.   And he or she is waiting for you to take them home.   Please don’t limit yourself to what breeders have to offer.  Go to where the Favorite dogs come from.   Go to the pound.


10 thoughts on “EDITED VERSION: What Slugger’s Acceptance Speech IS

  1. I shared this piece on my FB Timeline. Well, written and it made me feel like I knew Slugger. Slugger has become my favorite dog. You should write a book about Slugger. Julie.

    1. Thank you Julie. If not for the day job, and caring for 12 dogs, I might have time to write the Slugger Chronicals. He never ceases to amaze me. Take today, for example.

      He stays with the bedroom crowd when we are at work – every day. The door opens inward – every day. Slugger is the first one to come barrelling out – every day.

      Today, Slugger kept taking a running start and every time I tried to open the door, Slugger would slam into it from the other side, closing it. Then he would scratch at it from the other side, whining. I finally had to shoulder the door in a relatively not nice manner, which knocked him over, and he, and his siblings were finally able to escape.

      Not much goes on in that boy’s head, which is probably why he is so special.

  2. There has been an incredible amount of feedback on this particular post, more than likely due to it’s adopt don’t buy message. Unfortunately, it is a message that still gets missed by far too many people.

    You have heard my argument, let me hear yours. How would you try to convince a potential pet parent bent on buying from a breeder to instead adopt?

  3. I think I’m a pretty good writer, and am never shy to make my arguement; but I think that it would be difficult to make a better arguement without visual aides. I have witnessed first hand the change that you have elicited in Slugger, Emmi and now Willie (we won’t even discuss Morty) and I think that I can honestly say that I want to be you when I grow up 🙂

    1. All we did was take them to the vet, make sure they got their meds and love on them. Thing is, anyone can do it. Trick is, how do you convince people to take care of what is already here rather than create a demand for puppies that haven’t been born yet.

      And, living with 12 dogs… what gave you the impression I ever grew up?

  4. I am here after you “liked” one of my posts and I am so happy you did because it lead me to you! I love your blog and do believe that we might just be kindred spirits. From one crazy dog lady to another – keep it up! You rock!

    1. Anyone that works to spread the true nature of pittys is great in my book.

      Speaking of books, I am perplexed, stunned and somewhat mystefied in that all the books about pits say they are unsafe around other dogs… I don’t know about your area, but around these here parts, no self respecting pit would be caught without a chihuhua sidekick. The pit does need some protection after all….

      My Blog is pretty focused on my Ladies and my Morons, but this might be an interesting topic for your readers.

      2 time proud Pit Bull Mom, 1 new, 1 used, and let’s not forget about the pit mixes that own us!

      Make sure to read about my Lady Sarah! https://ranchrunamuck.wordpress.com/2012/07/29/for-the-love-of-sarah/

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