Sunday Family Desert Walk Season Has Officially Begun!

As the title says, Sunday Family Desert Walk Season has officially begun!  Until the weather heats up to unsafe for the dogs, every Sunday, without fail, we all go out and play somewhere.

The kids get REALLY excited on Family Day.  They know it’s “The Day” when The Crabby Man and I are both at home in the morning, (I work 6 days a week) and the excitement is palpable.  Morty and Willy haven’t been here for a season yet, but even they were doing happy dances this morning since the mood of the others was so infectious.

If you remember back from DASH! ‘s bio, he REALLY likes to dash! Problem is, sometimes he goes too fast and loses control. Here are some highlights from the season opener:

The shutter speed on the digital camera was too slow to get the aftermath… DASH! and Hector in a heap.  This is actually the first time ever one of these mishaps has been caught by the camera.

These events happen so fast, we usually miss them.  But this year, for the first time, we have a camcorder!

Here is another example of

DASH! ‘s speed getting the best of him:

Can you see why we could never get still shots?  I LOVE the camcorder!!!

You know, it doesn’t matter how lousy the week was, or how much it seems we are just spinning our wheels just to make ends meet, living with these kids, and with all the love and laughter they give, we are so very rich.

Just a heads up:  There is some EXCITING news about Slugger that will be posted as soon as The Crabby Man downloads some pics!


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