Whose fault was it anyway?

If you were to hear The Crabby Man tell it, I am responsible for all dogs under our roof.  In fact, that is not the case.

I have no problem helping a dog, and then rehoming.  I could do it forever.  The Crabby Man on the other hand, has a problem with the ‘rehoming part’.  His beef isn’t the dogs we have, it is the fact that they were brought in to begin with.  If they weren’t here, he couldn’t get attached.  But once they looked at him, well, they had him at “Woof”.

Just to be clear, here is how fault for the Run A Muck Dogs breaks down:

Maude, Angus, Willy and Slugger – my fault, with Slugger being the ‘helped’ dog I ultimately couldn’t let go.

DASH! is shared blame.   Maybe I brought him into the house, but the only reason I was where I was when DASH! appeared before me was due to incorrect information provided by The Crabby Man.  Once DASH!  entered our home, we both realized he wasn’t going anywhere.

Hector, Frankie, Sarah, Emmi, Vito  – all Crabby’s Fault.  Hector, Vito and Emmi being his failed fosters.  Crabby would have you believe that he did not interfere with the re-homing process on the failures, however, he drove Emmi one time, ONE TIME to a drop off point to get her to an adoption event and swore he would never do it  again.  Apparently Emmi gave him “The Eyes” during the trip, and now you know the rest of the story.

Franky and Sarah were strays.   Crabby saw no point in rehoming Franky because, well, Franky has probably never done anything wrong in his life.  In the case of Sarah, given her first re-home returned her almost immediately, well, we may as well just keep her.  “I don’t trust people.  She is better off here,”  he said.

As far as Gracie, Crabby Man brought her in, and we forgot she was here.  Still have to give the point to The Crabby Man because he brought her in.

Mortimer is the wild card, but I still have to give the point to The Crabby Man.  Crabby  went through the 5 stages of grief  within  the first few hours after Morty wandered in.  I have a witness!   I held out hope that we could find him a home.  But Crabby sighed in surrender first, he takes the point.

So let’s add it up:  we will count DASH!  as half a dog each, though technically, because he is such a treasure, he should negate at least one of my personal points, but hey, let’s be fair:

Crazy Dog Lady  4.5 dogs

Crabby Man   7.5

Just want to set the record straight…


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