In Loving Memory of My Hero, Otis

I used to come from Albany.  Back there, Pit Bulls were regularly baited on any dog walking down the street, leashed or not.  Worse, they were fought on street corners, right in the open.  Yes,  I was prejudiced.  Therefore, when The Crabby Man announced we were to be parents to a bouncing baby 8 week old pit boy, I protested, and not just a little.

But then I met this flubbery, blue eyed Tele Tubby and couldn’t resist.  He became our Otis and in his lifetime, he taught me the error of my previous mind-set.    We were blessed to have Otis with us for 13 years before Heaven decided he was needed there more.

In 2002, Otis became a hero.  The family who was effected contacted every news outlet available, but because there was no blood, and because Otis did a good thing, no one cared.

There was one obscure newspaper that did do a story, and the clipping, now yellowed and disintegrating, has been on our refrigerator for 10 years.   To make sure it is never lost, here it is scanned and preserved forever:

The story as told by the reporter differs a little from what actually occurred.  Our neighbor told us Otis tackled the coyote, laid on him for a little while, then let him go.  There was no fight.  Otis didn’t have a fighting bone in his body.

Otis  was, is, and will always remain, my hero.  Not just for saving the puppy,  but for not harming the coyote.

But you won’t hear stories like this in the ‘real’ news.

I wish I had pictures to share.


8 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of My Hero, Otis

    1. I would like to say Otis was one in a million, and to us he was, but from what I have learned about pits since Otis came into our lives, he was just representative of the breed. Our Sarah is exactly like him, only in her case, we took her in as a stray adult. There is no doubt in our minds that if anyone or anything made a move on one of the little ones, Sarah would take care of them.

      1. No doubt about it! You are so blessed to have these babies in your life & I’m so happy to learn that Sarah was adopted! Keep up the noble work. It was so nice to have stumbled upon you! 🙂

      2. Thank you Teju, but I wouldn’t all it “noble work”. When we used to foster, maybe, but these kids are our kids. We are just lucky their roads lead to us.

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