Do we ONLY attract IDIOTS?!?!?

Willy’s separate category was supposed to come out in a neat and step by step fashion where each of his issues was addressed, simple to more complicated, fixed to not yet fixed.  Unfortunately, the events of last night say I have to do this out of order.

Willy got the left side of his face torn up pretty bad last night when he slipped his collar and went after the horses – AGAIN.  We need to fence the stalls and re-fence the arena where the horses are turned out to keep him from getting near them.   But it is financially problematic at this particular time.

So, effective immediately, we will be selling the works of The Crabby Man to raise funds for the fencing.

Go to and check out his albums.  If you see a photo you like, simply comment ORDER at the photo, and then e-mail us at that you are placing an order.  A Paypal invoice will be sent.

8×10 prints will be $10,  5×7 will be $7, postage included.

Digital files (absent the watermark) $2.

If you do happen to check out the albums, you will notice there are quite a few un-watermaked photos as well.  Feel free to download them for screen savers or prints, but please give The Crabby Man a kudos for the work.

As always, all of the photos will continue to be available to any charity that would like to sell them for their causes.  Requests can be made through The Crabby Man’s FB page or through the Run A Muck Ranch e-mail listed above.

As far as Sweet William, he is quite ouchie, but is on Tremadol.  We will need to check a few teeth once the swelling comes down and he isn’t so likely to bite the strange hand that is trying to help him.  The fact that he is eating hard food and treats is tipping the belief in the direction that his teeth are fine.

After he got kicked, he went right back after the horse, thus earning his place in the Idiot Group of the Ranch forever.  He has proven that he can not be loose in his own yard, even if I am with him, until we re-do the fencing.  Therefore, he will have to be tied up when I am not with him, or leashed when I am.  How pathetic is that?  Willy has a 1/2 acre fenced yard, with lots of playmates, and he can’t even be loose.  Idiot!  He’s lucky I love unconditionally!


2 thoughts on “Do we ONLY attract IDIOTS?!?!?

  1. Oh My…i feel YOUR pain! i have a Great Pyr girl that has not met a fence she can not get over, under or through. She and the goofy Lab boys who always follow her out have been stitched up twice after trying to have a bacon dinner off the local swamp hogs….

    1. I *wish* there was a way to get through to William to make him understand that he is OK here, he will always be loved, always be fed and always have playmates. All he has to do is come when he’s called, don’t try to escape from the yard – which he has never tried to do – and don’t try to hurt the horses. So few rules and such an easy life. We’ll get there. I just don’t want anyone else, including William getting hurt in the process.

      Mortimer can still jump the fence, despite our reinforcements. Somewhere along the line, however, he decided he would rather be on the inside rather than the outside. He knows a good thing when he sees it. We got lucky. I don’t know what would have happened if he continued to jump out.

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