Punishment at Run A Muck Ranch

The Crabby Man often accuses me of giving Willy a free ride.  Willy is our problem child, requiring the most discipline of them all and I am the one who usually has to mete it out.  Indeed, I have an entire category to be added to this Blog on Willy’s problems and what we are doing to work on them.

I think it unfair that The Crabby Man believes I am too easy on William.  Take for example what happened tonight.  Willy ate the remote.  I didn’t justify the behavior by blaming it on his past, I didn’t coo on him, I immediately corrected the behavior in a most severe fashion;  to wit:

As I took the remote from Willy’s mouth, I looked at him harshly.  The look was so harsh, my face hurt a little.  Trust me when I tell you, Willy was affected.

The Crabby Man gave me a clear demonstration as to the ‘proper’ disciplinary technique on Emmi.  She got lippy at Maude.  NO ONE is allowed to disrespect The Queen.  The Crabby Man was the one to show Emmi she did wrong;  to wit:

He said “Emmers stop”, while giving her a harsh look and pointing at her.

Just to be clear here, Emmers is The Crabby Man’s affectionate name for Emmi, and the verbal reprimand did not include an exclamation point.

When I asked The Crabby Man what was so different between my ‘non’ discipline of Willy and his ‘correct’ discipline of Emmi, he replied; “I pointed.”   He then explained Emmi’s immediate jumping into his lap, tail wagging, as clearly her apologizing for her bad behavior.

I have been schooled.


2 thoughts on “Punishment at Run A Muck Ranch

    1. If I am reading you correctly, the proper discipline of Willy would have been to say “Sweet William, no.” (My affectionate name for Willy, statement not to be followed by an exclamation point), while pointing at him with 2 fingers and the confirmation of proper effect of said discipline would have been Willy immediately jumping into my lap, tail wagging. Gotcha!

      May as well face the facts, they ALL get a free ride here.

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