William Gets a Thunder Jacket

I want to give a sincere Thank You and shout out to a wonderful lady by the name of Beth P.  Beth also happens to be a member of Cat tribe, so Dog tribe – always show respect to Cat People!

Beth heard Willy’s story and got him a Thunder Jacket.

Here is Willy sporting what we hope will help him through some of his anxiety problems.

I think this is the first time Willy hasn’t headed for the hills when I tried to take his picture.
Actually LOOKING at the camera ?!?!? But you can see he isn’t pleased. Still, he didn’t go and hide.
Allowing an ‘unflattering’ picture to be taken 🙂
You see a dog laying here. I see, for the first time, Willy allowing a picture to be taken where you see absolutely no apprehension. This was actually the best of 6 taken in this pose. NEVER before has this happened! I had tears…

Look at the last picture again.  Have you ever seen such a handsome boy?

Thank you so much Beth!


2 thoughts on “William Gets a Thunder Jacket

  1. I love Thundershirts. My one boy is afraid of thunder, fireworks etc. Tried music DVD “through a dogs ears” which helped but the Thundershirt is awesome. He is happy when he sees me coming to put it on him. He knows all is good with the shirt. 🙂

    1. We are hoping the Thundershirt will help with his relationship with The Crabby Man and when he gets startled while sleeping. So far the most difference we have seen is that he will let me take his picture without a pathetic look on his face. Still, that is improvement. I love taking pictures of the kids and we have way too few of William.

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