The Dangers of Potato Chip Bags

True story:

Sometimes we throw things on the floor for the kids to play with.  One day it was an empty potato chip bag.  Seeing a dragon that needed to be slain, DASH! dashed in. During the ensuing intense and brutal battle, DASH! got his head inside the bag.

There was a TV show on when the actual event of the head going in the bag occurred.  Kid you not, there were 2 commercial cycles, and the show had been back on for a few minutes. During that time DASH! thrashed, flung, ran into objects, threw himself to the ground, all to no avail.  Finally, he just sat there, head down (still in the bag) and cried.

He cried for quite a while actually.     Do the math with me sports fans, isn’t that about 20 minutes?  20 minutes and DASH! couldn’t get his own head out of a potato chip bag?!?!.

Before you judge me for letting it go on for so long before I rescued him from the deadly jaws of the potato chip bag, consider this:  FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!  IT WAS A POTATO CHIP BAG!  All he had to do was move backward, even by accident, and he could have freed himself! A piece of dryer lint could have found its own way out eventually!   But no, not DASH! If not rescued by me, he would still be there today, with his head … in a potato chip bag.  In his mind, he was going to die that way – so the pathetic crying lead me to believe.

The rest of the kids, I try to let them solve their own problems.  That isn’t to say I am not standing there to jump in if they need me.  I want them to be confident.  In the case of DASH!, well, that is an exercise in futility.


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