An Out of Season Sunday Family Desert Walk

Sunday Family Desert Walks may not seem very important to normal people, but to us, and especially to the dogs, they are very special.  Once the weather cools down, and we are back at it on a weekly basis, they all get so excited when Sunday rolls around.

They know it’s Sunday because The Crabby Man and The Crazy Dog Lady are both here.  The Crazy Dog Lady works 6 days a week, leaving at the crack of daylight,  so that Magical Morning once week is immediately recognized, even by Slugger the Stupid.

Just so happens this morning it was unseasonably cool, so we got to take a batch of kids out.   I can’t even begin to describe the great time that was had by all, but there is lots of video.  Let me give you a taste:   The little bit of rain we have gotten was enough to fill one of the water holes.  We are talking about a pond where none usually exists, surrounded by a beach of squishy, smelly mud.

More videos will follow, but for now I leave you with this:

We really feel bad that we couldn’t get all the kids out for this   It heats up pretty quick out on the desert, so we have to be careful.  For those that didn’t go, there will be a Burger King visit later in the day.


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