Happy Re-Birthday Slugger!

My impatience gets the better of me.  Here it is a day early!


6 thoughts on “Happy Re-Birthday Slugger!

    1. Thank you! Be rest assured The Slug Nut does not wear the air freshener all the time. Only for public appearances and photo ops.

    2. Kim, it doesn’t matter how much we bathe him, he can’t go more than mere minutes before he gets into something that alters his previously pleasant scent. I told him that if he doesn’t at least try to stay clean and odor free, I would hang an airfreshner from his collar. Unfortunately, we are dealing with a dog that would be tickled pink if someone were to try to paint his toenails, so he was pretty happy with the ‘pretty dangly thing’ and verty protective when the others tried to take it away. So, he only wears if for photo ops.

    1. No more tears for Slugger, Dogwalker8, only smiles and laughter around him anymore. Lucky for him, his he erases his memory banks every time he goes to sleep, so he has no residual effects from his past.

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