William horribly attacked me today

So there we were.  It was William Cuddle Time on the bed, just like every other day.  I had layed down with him and gave him a belly rub, the usual routine.  Then I gave him a surprise  raspberry on his tummy before breaking into the “It’s Mr. Willy Time” song.

Apparently you can’t mix a raspberry with the “It’s Mr. Willy Time” song.  William went into a sudden and extreme jumpy dance which ended with a straight up jump, after which he landed, left foot directly in my right eye.  In other words, he, with malicious intent, tried to blind me.

Not since the time Slugger snuck in behind me in the shower and,  soap in eyes I turned, tripped over Slugger and  bumped my head against the wall, (CLEARLY an attempt to take me out),  have I ever experienced such malice in a dog!

Then again, as can be seen  in the clear demonstration of aggression depicted in the following video, I should have seen this coming

People with War Dogs beware!  Never follow a raspberry with a song!  No good can come of it!

{OK, so I shouldn’t have to do this, but for every person who realizes this is meant to be funny, and I don’t really believe William or Slugger actually intended to cause pain to my person, there are 3 others that will scream from the rooftops that I should know that they were just playing.  Just further proof that we as a species are devolving.}


3 thoughts on “William horribly attacked me today

  1. You will all be pleased to know that with today’s William Cuddle Time, I went easy on the raspberries and heavier on the belly rubs. Problem is, Emmi jumped up and the 2 began wigging out (Crazy Dog Lady speak for playing in a most wild manner) before Cuddle Time was over. I left them to their romping and did some chores, only to return to the bedroom to find the entire room covered in fluff, said fluff only a short time earlier was inside the comforter.

    I tell you what.. these kids are very lucky I am not the type that will be on my deathbed reflecting on the ‘stuff’ I had accumulated in my life. I am more interested in the experiences. Yup, pretty mad at what they did to the comforter, but they were kinda cute and funny at the same time as they frolicked through the ‘snow’ together.

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