Crazy Dog Lady: Do you ever rehome dogs?

This question actually came second-hand, from a friend of a landscape  client.  It was a great question, so I decided to use it.

The answer to the question is yes, or at least, yes, we used to.

But times have changed, and in the last year, those changes have resulted in 4 accidental new residents (Willy doesn’t count) to Run A Muck Ranch, making it ‘appear’ as if all dogs that darken our doorway never leave.

My Arrrmando (the second ‘r’ is silent) giving me kisses. He may have left this world, but he will never leave my heart. He left us on December 27, 2012.  Since that time Willy and Morty have joined the family.  Both combined, though very much loved, can’t put a dent in the hole  Arrrmando left behind.

We were out of the ‘rescue’ world for quite a while.  We already had 7, fostering really wasn’t such a good idea at that point.  But the conditions were pretty bad out there, so last August, we got back in.   We had no clue how much things had changed.

Back in the day, more often than not, a dog found wandering the streets had gotten loose and someone was looking for him.  Now, people turn dogs loose because they don’t want them anymore.

Back in the day, fostering was short-term temporary.  A few weeks was average.  Now, I hear tales told of it taking 2 years for a foster to find a home.   Slugger was a ‘foster’ with us for 9 months.

Because of the above 2 reasons, rescues are overloaded.  No rescue could help with Morty, even if we fostered, because they had too many of their own dogs that couldn’t find homes.

Back in the day, we were pretty naive as far as certain types of people who might be looking for free dogs.  I really don’t want to elaborate on this point, but suffice it to say, we would never rehome a free dog unless it was to someone we knew.  Problem is, pretty much everyone we know already has some of our free dogs.

Back in the day, we could help a dog and rehome him, which is why we don’t have 30 dogs right now.

But that was all back in the day.

There are more dogs needing homes, and fewer homes needing dogs.  And maybe it’s only my perception, but it seems to me that there are also more dogs coming into the “system” sick, neglected and abused.

Also, I don’t remember dogs with medical conditions having such a hard time finding homes in the past.  Yes, they were harder than healthy dogs, but homes were found just the same.  Not so much anymore.

Maude, Angus and Willy were deliberates.  Re-homing when we deliberately brought these kids into the family was never an option.  Gracie, Hector, Franky, Sarah and DASH!  though accidental, were given the promise that this was their permanent home years ago, while others were rehomed.   Slugger, Emmi, Vito and Morty came to us during this new age of dog rescue where homes aren’t so plentiful.  Our personal opinions are that there is a point where rehoming after being in foster care for a certain time is no different from ‘getting rid of’ a dog.  And under that umbrella Emmi, in addition to her health problems, Slugger and Vito got their promise from us.  Morty, well, if not for Morty, Slugger would be driving us all crazy, so at least he has a function….

In a perfect world, Emmi, Slugger, Vito and Morty would be living elsewhere right now.  But it is not a perfect world, so I guess we will just have to settle for a perfect family.


2 thoughts on “Crazy Dog Lady: Do you ever rehome dogs?

  1. Thanks for the answer to my friend’s question:). There is a place in heaven for you and the crabby man. In that place you will not have to worry about vet bills, feeding schedules or poop clean-up. You will just get to enjoy all of your puppies! Oh and there will all ways be room on the sofa for humands as well as dogs.

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