It’s Happy Hector!

Never before have I met a dog with such well-developed wagging muscles! There is absolutely nothing you can do to alter Hector’s perpetually happy mood.  Needless to say, it is infectious.

Hector is the adventurer of the family.  There is no stone that can be left unturned, no trail to be left unexplored, and no cliff high enough that he won’t jump off simply to get to the bottom faster so he can explore more.  When people refer to a dog being ‘fearless’, usually it means they have no fear of people or other dogs.  In Hector’s case, his fearlessness is absolute.

The very first day we met, Hector didn’t even acknowledge me.  He had been in the pound more than a month, and when brought to the mandatory “Meet and Greet” he was more interested in exploring than in Meeting or Greeting.  No worries, ours was a foster arrangement anyway.   He didn’t need to impress me.

Before Hector could find a home, he had to have his cherry eye corrected, this being the probable reason he remained at the pound for so long.   An appointment was made, and in he went for his surgery.   I tell you what, you have NEVER seen a happier dog in an e-collar.  As I said earlier, NOTHING can make Hector un-happy.  It was one evening, as e-collar clad Hector was happily being tickled by The Crabby Man that Crabby announced “He’s not going anywhere!”.   How could you not want to enjoy the happiness exuded from Happy Hector!  So, when the surgery reimbursement check arrived from Hector’s rescue, as pre-arranged with my contact, the check was torn up and Hector stayed with us.

So many people think Hector is anti-social when they meet him on grounds away from home.  I assure you, that is not the case!  He is actually a very loving little guy, but he can love anytime.  Now is for exploring.   Take him to dog park, he doesn’t even notice the other dogs or the people for that matter.  He will spend hours just sniffing.   When he is on the hunt, even I don’t exist in his world.

But bring him home, and it’s a different story.  He has already conquered all that needs to be conquered here.  Unless a stray lizard or bunny drifts in, Hector has already seen it.  And when his adventurer spirit is not turned on, Hector is a cuddler who loves his Mom and Dad, and especially loves his sister Sarah.

Home doesn’t have to be boring for Happy Hector.  Not at all.  Look at him and the tail starts wagging.  Say his name and Hector gets happy.  Say his name in a high-pitched voice and he goes into a Mega Happy Fit.   Take off his collar and try to put it back on and Hector goes into a Turbo Happy Fit.

Hector’s all over body happiness does have  a negative.  His cherry eye fix didn’t take, so he needs to have his tear duct removed.  Problem is, once this is done, he will require eye drops twice daily for the rest of his life.  Can you imagine trying to pin a happy, squiggly Hector down for twice daily eye drops when just making eye contact is enough to make him happy?  Not an easy task, so we wait until it is absolutely necessary.  Hopefully by that time Hector will mellow a little.

How Hector ultimately came to us needs a little further explanation and a certain Kudos needs to be given:

If not for the amazing and selfless efforts of Amanda Chilcher, the stars would not have aligned to bring Hector and us together.  Amanda, we were, are and forever will, remain in your debt.

To follow Amanda’s work, please visit

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