Input needed for a new Slugger video!

I need a little help for a new Slugger video…  unfortunately there are a lot of Slugger unique quirks, that if I only used them, the video will not have the effect I am looking for.  Ergo, I am looking to readers for ideas.
Tell me the annoying or perpetually stupid  things your dog does. 
Your dog spends 8 weeks in obedience training and still looks at you blankly when you say “Sit!”
Your dog thinks the only reason you clean the floors is because you want to see new and fresh muddy paw prints.
Your dog eats the newspaper

Your dog’s idea of being a Watch Dog is literally watching all your possessions walk out the door.
If you fall in a well, rather than run for help, your dog jumps in after you to see what you are doing. 
Basically looking for all the things your dogs do that “good dogs” or “smart dogs” don’t.

4 thoughts on “Input needed for a new Slugger video!

  1. No orange, lemon or lime, even grapefruit is safe at home since Doggy arrived, i don’t knew how he learned that he could eat all those, at first I thought it was because he associated the shape will balls and wanted to play, but he literally destroys them and eat them. All was really funny till I got home and found rests of oranges on the carpet, it was all a sticky mess.

  2. My little fur person is very smart and catches on quickly so I can’t help you. But we both enjoy reading your blog!

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