A Tearful Event

It is with misty eyes and with a full heart that I report this:

Last night, at approximately 8:15 pm, Mortimer sat down on Maude’s head.

It wasn’t a deliberate action, rather Morty wanted to play with a toy, he was focused on said toy, and when he had it in his mouth, he was simply laying down to play with it.  Maude’s head just happened to be in the way.

As Maudie struggled to get her head from beneath Morty’s buttocks, Morty looked around,with a most perplexed expression on his face, searching  for what it was that was causing his body to shake and shudder.  He looked all around, except for under his own derrier for the cause of the disturbance, but could not find the source.  I don’t think he ever figured it out.

Pray tell. you might ask, why is this such a monumental event for The Crazy Dog Lady?  Because this is Slugger behavior, not the behavior of a “normal” dog.

I stated in Slugger’s Bio that I didn’t want Morty taking Slugger to the dark side of normaldom.  Morty, for all intents and purposes, came to us a reasonably intelligent dog.  Slugger, being easily impressionable, began to imitate certain intelligent behavior he learned from Morty.  Part of Slugger’s charm is his 8 week old puppy-like innocence coupled with his absolute and complete stupidity.  To lose that would be to lose a pretty big chunk of what makes Slugger, well, Slugger.

It appears that what is actually taking place is that Slugger is taking Morty to Slugger World, where thinking is optional and the world is always beautiful.

Don’t worry about Maude.  The entire ordeal ended after a few seconds, and having lived with the Slug Nut for almost a year, she and the rest of the kids are kind of used to it by now.

I will leave you with this video of an all out ‘brawl’ between Slugger and Morty over a toy.  It had been going on for some time before I decided to get the camcorder.  Had this been the actual, real-time event, you would have been watching a video that lasted a few minutes.  Pay attention to the effort expended by Slugger.

3 thoughts on “A Tearful Event

  1. Always ‘aggression’ and ‘anger’ at Run A Muck Ranch. Problem is, it’s too much like effort to actually express it….. so a lot goes ‘unsaid’ 🙂

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